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VetSuccess On Campus has demonstrated that Service Members, Veterans, and Dependents who reach out to other students and who take advantage of campus resources have a much higher success rate in terms of degree completion and subsequent job placement.  This is why VetSuccess On Campus here at APSU developed the voluntary peer to peer mentoring program.  By linking a new student up with a senior mentor, the mentor can ease the transition to campus, and ensure that the our Active Duty Military, Veterans, and Family Members are receiving all of the services they need, and are aware of and are fully utilizing all of the many resources available on campus and in the local community.  Our mentors are selected through a careful screening process, and we try to ensure that we make a good match between mentor and student.  Where the student is struggling academically, we also have mentors available who can provide targeted one-on-one tutoring, or work with important goal setting and time management skills, and provide guidance and encouragement.

If you are interested in being a mentor or tutor please fill out the following forms.

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