HCC Advisory Committee
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HCC Advisory Committee

The advisory committee has the responsibility for:
  1. recommending the development of student retention activities
  2. developing guidelines for programs
  3. recommending speakers for the Hispanic Cultural Center events
  4. other ideas, programs and activities relative to creating an environment conducive to the educational needs of Hispanic students as well as the entire student body
  5. directing outreach efforts and other projects that will increase university-wide awareness and appreciation of Hispanic culture and heritage


  • Miguel Ruiz-Aviles, Faculty Represtantive (Chair)
  • Osvaldo DiPaolo Harrison, Faculty Representative
  • Gregory Hammond, Faculty Representative
  • Katherine Honey, Faculty Representative
  • Ivan Colon, Staff Representative
  • Rachel Carrol, Staff Representative
  • Ashley Kautz, Staff Representative
  • Rebecca Howes, Student Representative
  • Tasca Reis, Student Representative
  • James Levan, Student Representative
  • Tony Amadeo, Community Representative
  • Tommy Vallejos, Community Representative
  • Victor Felts, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Life & Engagement, ex officio
  • Louise F. Mitchell, Coordinator, Hispanic Cultural Center, ex officio
If you have questions, concerns, please contact:
Dr. Miguel Ruiz-Avilés
E-Mail: ruizavilesm@apsu.edu