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Student Organizations

Sigma Delta Pi

Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society (La Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispánica), was established on November 14, 1919, at the University of California Berkeley.  The Pi Nu chapter was founded at Austin Peay State University in the 1980s.  The Society's insignia is the royal seal of Fernando and Isabel, representing Castille, León, and Aragón.  Sigma Delta Pi's colors are red and gold, its flower is the red carnation, and its motto is the Greek phrase "Spanías Didagéi Proágomen" meaning "Let's go forth/continue forth under the teaching/guidance of the Spanish language."

Here at Austin Peay, the Pi Nu chapter emphasizes and encourages academic excellence in Spanish classes as well as all academic focuses. We believe in maintaining a strong brotherhood with everyone involved and host fun events throughout the year to foster a bond and promote the Hispanic culture. If you have a 3.0 average in your Spanish classes, have completed 3 semesters of coursework, and are interested in things of Hispanic culture, please join us! We have dues of $50 that we charge only one time and our induction ceremony is held in the Spring semester.

Click here to visit the organization web site. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Alaina Davis at adavis76@my.apsu.edu

You may also email Louise F. Mitchell at mitchelll@apsu.edu.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is a daughter organization to Sigma Delta Pi National Collegiate HIspanic Honor Society. The Spanish Club is for anyone interested in the culture and Spanish language and Hispanic countries. Anyone can join as long as the requirements of a $15 fee and minumum GPA of 1.5 is met. Members do not have to be Spanish majors or minors; however, taking Spanish courses are encouraged.

Click here to visit the organization web site. If you have further questions, please do not hestitate to contact Andrea Allen at aallen38@my.apsu.edu.

You may also email Louise F. Mitchell at mitchelll@apsu.edu.