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History and Mission


The Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center, established in 1991 and named in honor of the first African American graduate from APSU, is a legacy of the historic Civil Rights and Black Studies Movements that sought, among many other goals and objectives, to have American colleges and universities more adequately and prominently reflect the full scope of human and cultural diversity in all areas of the learning environment.  During this period of socio-cultural transformation, African American students at Austin Peay challenged the University's community to recognize the contemporary, historical, socio-political, and intellectual contributions of African Americans.  Those students were adamant about their need to have a place that celebrated and consistently displayed the salience of the African American experience.


The Center's mission is intertwined with the University's goals, relative to the creation, of a collaborative, integrative learning community that fosters critical inquiry and self-reflection necessary in a global society.  Additionally, the mission of the center involves providing a nurturing environment where all students, regardless of race, can gain an appreciation for the African heritage and experience of African American people.