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Academic Agreements

An academic agreement is any memorandum of understanding, memorandum of agreement, contract, letter of intent, or other written document that establishes a partnership, collaborative or cooperative academic agreement, or research activity unrelated to approved sponsored research.

Academic agreements run through the office of Academic Affairs, with support specifically provided by the Senior Vice Provost and Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs in conjunction with the Director of Special Projects and other academic parties at the university. Please refer to APSU Policy 2:065 Academic Approval and Signatory Authority for Academic Agreements for details regarding expectations and approvals. 

Below are resources for staff or faculty seeking to enter into an academic agreement.


Academic Agreement Responsibilities

The following policies may also be useful in the initial stages of entering into an academic agreement:


Once academic agreements have been reached and finalized, they undergo annual review by the Department Chair/School Director. This process takes place no less than ninety days prior to the contract termination date. Click the button below for the Academic Agreement Evaluation Form.

Academic Agreement Evaluation Form



Academic Affairs and the Office of Academic Services and Engagement recently held two workshops regarding memorandums of understanding (MOUs), contracts, and academic agreements. A recording of the workshop and FAQ list is below. Click here for a PDF version of the workshop presentation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Please take caution to not commit or make verbal or non-verbal promises when having an informal discussion.

Yes. All contracts and MOU’s will still need to be routed using the contract form in Govs eShop at the end of the pre-approval process.

Yes. Part of the renewal process is evaluation, which should begin at least ninety days before the contract or agreement expires.

No. Affiliation agreements remain at the college level, and to streamline the process, we recommend having an agreement template approved by Legal Affairs. Then, after going through the checklist above once, the process would include populating the template with the contracted party's information, seeking Dean approval, then routing through Govs eShop as usual.


Please contact Kyle Christmas (christmask@apsu.edu), Director of Special Projects, with any questions.