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Course Evaluation Merge Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the FAQ is to provide faculty members with information regarding the course evaluation results merge request form. Please make sure to read this section before completing the request form. 


A course evaluation merge is the merging of course evaluation responses in SurveyDIG that will allow faculty members to receive course evaluation results from classes that do not meet the 5 or more enrollment requirement.

Faculty members who have instructed 2 or more courses in a semester.

A faculty member must have 4 or fewer students enrolled in the course(s) to be merged. The courses also must have a combined number of 5 or more evaluation responses.

Example 1:

ENG 1010  4 enrolled  4 responses

ENG 1010  4 enrolled   2 responses

Example 2:

ENG 1010  15 enrolled  10 responses

ENG 1010  4 enrolled   2 responses


An evaluation merge request should not be submitted if:

1. The faculty member only instructed one course in a semester

2. If the courses have two different evaluation forms (i.e. clinical, lab)

3. If the courses attempting to be merged do not contain similar content to any of the courses instructed

An evaluation merge request form can be found by clicking here or by visiting the course evaluations faculty perspective page at https://www.apsu.edu/academic-affairs/course-evaluations/faculty-st.

Yes. A course evaluation merge can be requested for any semester in which APSU utilized the SurveyDIG software, which includes Fall 2016 (including FTC courses) to the current semester. However, merges can only be made for courses taught in the same semester.

After the 14th day of classes a manual course evaluation merge will be conducted for all Co-listed courses. There is no need to submit a course evaluation merge request.

For a current semester, all merge requests should be submitted after the course evaluation window closes for students. This will allow faculty to have accurate evaluation completion numbers to determine if a merge is required.

Everyone can find evaluation open and close dates by clicking here or by visiting the course evaluation webpage at https://www.apsu.edu/academic-affairs/course-evaluations/index.php. Faculty can also view dates by accessing the SurveyDIG portal within their Web Self-Service.

Once the merge has been completed, faculty will be notified by email by Brandi Bickham (Academic Affairs Technical Support Coordinator). Only those faculty members who requested a merge will receive notification that the request is complete. A calendar is available on the course evaluation Faculty Perspective page that provides the date when merge requests will be submitted. A merge can usually take 7 to 10 business days to be processed.