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Program Launch Committee

The Program Launch Committee was developed to assist academic departments with the successful building and advertising of a new academic program. Members of this team will meet with academic department representatives of new programs immediately after they are approved by the APSU Board of Trustees and again after THEC approval, if applicable.


Program Launch Committee Members: 

Name Title
Allen Barger        Director of Freshman Retention and Advising
Charles Booth        Director of Communication
Chad Brooks        Associate Provost for Research and Dean,
     College of Graduate Studies
Tucker Brown        Committee Chair, Interim Senior Vice Provost and
     Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Kim Coggins        Associate Dean, College of Graduate Studies and
     Professor and Graduate Coordinator for Counseling
Amy Corlew        Director of Admissions
Loretta Griffy        Associate Vice President for Academic
     Strategic Initiatives and Foundation Engagement
Corey Harkey        University Attorney
Ellen Harmon        Director of Marketing
Nancy KingSanders        Vice Provost for Student Achievement
Megan Mitchell        Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment
Jasmine O'Brien        Curriculum Coordinator
Donna Price        Director of Financial Aid and
     Student Veterans Affairs
Amanda Wornhoff        Director of Institutional Effectiveness
     and Assessment