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General Education Course Additions


The General Education Course committee will have responsibility for ensuring that critical competencies (written communication, oral communication, math skills, and critical thinking skills) are evaluated. The committee will also address development of APSU’s student learning outcomes. In addition, the committee will review and vote on all changes and additions to university core courses and will advise the University Curriculum Committee for their final decision. An annual report will be provided to the provost regarding progress in meeting goals to instill in students the four critical competencies

Membership includes 4 faculty from the college of arts and letters, two of whom must be from written and oral communication disciplines; 2 faculty from the college of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, ensuring that one faculty member will be from the math department; 2 faculty from the college of behavioral and health sciences; 1 faculty from college of business; 1 faculty from college of education; 1 faculty from the library. Among the members, at least one will be a faculty member assigned to APC@FC. The committee is led by 2 co-chairs drawn from faculty members on the committee and recommended by the Provost.  1 dean from one of the academic colleges will serve as ex-officio. 2 non-voting committee advisors-Vice Provost/Associate VP Academic Affairs and Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment.


Three types of proposals for General Education Core: 


For each type of change, state the critical competency and describe in a paragraph the assignment that will be used to assess student learning with respect to the above designated general education critical competency. If applicable include the directions for the student showing alignment with the critical competency rubric dimensions. The General Education Core competencies to select from are: Oral Communication, Written Communication, Quantitative Reasoning, Inquiry and Analysis, Connection and Reflection, and Global Perspective. Additionally, course syllabus will be required for each submission so the committee is able to review and approve the additions. Upon approval from the General Education Committee, the proposal will then be routed to the University Curriculum Committee for discussion and approval. For additional questions, please contact the General Education Standing Committee Co-Chairs, (Audrey Bullock, bullocka@apsu.edu  or Kristen Sienkiewicz, sienkiewiczk@apsu.edu).

Additional information regarding the general education subject areas and specific course requirements please visit General Education in the academic bulletin.