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New Academic Program - Normal Process

All new academic programs must adhere to THEC's prescribed three-step application and approval process (See THEC policy A1.0.). The below information summarizes the THEC process as well as provides information on the needed forms and documentation for proposing a new academic programs.

A new academic program is defined as a degree program not currently offered at APSU (such as the Master of Speech-Language Pathology) or a new major (such as National Security Studies). Please be aware that an Academic Intake form is needed for all new academic program proposals and must be approved prior to the submission of the Letter of Notification.


  1. Letter of Notification (LON) (Curriculog Form 7)
  2. New Academic Program Proposal (NAPP) (Curriculog Form 4 or 8)
  3. External Review
  1. How will this program further APSU's mission, vision and strategic plans for the future?
  2. Why is the establishment of this program an institutional priority?
  3. Do the APSU aspirational peer and peer institutions offer similar programs?
  4. What institutions nationally have been used to inform the development of this program?
  5. Will this program meet student, community, workforce and industry demand?
  6. Are there similar and/or duplicate programs offered at nearby institutions?
  7. Does APSU offer a similar program? How will this program differ?
  8. What will program enrollment look like?
  9. What will the program curriculum look like?
  10. What resources does APSU have that will support this program?
  11. What faculty members will be involved?
  12. What resources must be acquired to implement this program?
  13. How many new faculty members will be needed?
  14. Will additional equipment or facilities be needed?
  15. Will additional library and learning resources be needed?
  • A letter from APSU President stating support for the development of the program (this letter will be obtained by Academic Affairs).
  • Any additional Letters of support (accrediting bodies, organizations or businesses where students may seek employment upon completion of degree).
  • All Documentation provided with the Letter of Notification

For assistance with required forms, please visit the Video Tutorials.