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Estimated Implementation Timeline:


Estimated Timeline

Obtain initial support from Department and College Seek support from college and department leadership to proceed with the development of a new academic program.

Month 1

Complete and submit the Academic Program Intake Form (Curriculog Form 2)

Month 1


Prepare the  Letter of Notification (Curriculog Form 7). Please ensure that a feasibility study has been conducted to substantiate the development of the new academic program. 

~Months 2


1) Internal Review: Submit Curriculog Letter of Notification form for review and feedback. If proposal is sent back for modification update accordingly, relaunch and approve in Curriculog.

Approval Process

  • Academic Affairs Curriculum Coordinator
  • Department Chair
  • College Dean
  • Senior Vice Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Provost
  • President
  • THEC

While the approval of the Board of Trustees' is not required for the Letter of Notification, THEC does require the Board to be notified of the proposal prior to submission of the Letter of Notification to them for review and approval. This could potentially extend the internal approval timeline.


~Months 2-3

THEC Review: Upon final approval withing APSU,Academic Affairs will submit the final Letter of Notification to THEC staff. Academic Affairs will serve as the liaison between THEC and the Department.

~Months 3-4

THEC Staff Review THEC staff will have 30 days to respond to the submitted Letter of Notification.


THEC Approval Academic Affairs will receive notice regarding THEC staff's decision and will notify the Department. If approved, the Department may proceed with completing the New Academic Program Form (Curriculog Form 4 or 8).

~Months 3-4

STEP TWO: New Academic Program Proposal

New Academic Program Proposal

  • Complete the New Academic Program Proposal (NAPP) form (Curriculog Form 4 or 8). If you are submitting a proposal for a new Graduate program, you will use Curriculog Form 4 and if you are submitting a proposal for a new Undergraduate program, you will use Curriculog Form 8.
  • Seek support from the appropriate departments to begin gathering data and answering application questions
  • Section I.C: Need: Director of Career Services

~Months 5-6


1) Internal Review: Submit draft in Curriculog Department Chair for review and feedback. Modify proposal with any feedback.

 2) Financial Review: Review the THEC Financial Projection Form with the Director of Budgets and Financial Planning.  Modify to incorporate feedback.

3) APSU Approval Process: Submit the NAPP, for review by the following APSU approving bodies in sequential order:

  1. Academic Affairs Curriculum Coordinator
  2. Department Curriculum Committee
  3. Department Chair
  4. College Curriculum Committee
  5. College Dean
  6. Council for Teacher Education, if applicable
  7. Graduate Academic Council, if applicable
  8. Graduate Dean, if applicable
  9. Senior Vice Provost and Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
  10. University Curriculum Committee
  11. Provost 
  12. President
  13. THEC Staff (this will include an External Review)
  14. APSU Board of Trustees (after THEC approves NAPP)
  15. THEC Commission
  16. SACSCOC, if applicable

~Months 7-8


External Review

The External Review includes a site visit from THEC staff and a qualified reviewer(s) (see criteria below). Agenda items will include interviews with the APSU President, Provost, SVP/AVPAA, College Dean, Faculty, Library and Industry Board, if applicable.

At the same time SVP/AVPAA submits NAPP to THEC staff, submit list of external reviewers.** Below is a list of criteria to be utilized when selecting external reviewers:

  • subject matter expert in the proposed fields
  • tenured faculty member with associate or higher academic rank, teaching and a record of research experience
  • no prior relationship with either the institution or close personal or familial relationship with the potential faculty involved in the proposed academic program
  • not be employed in the state of Tennessee
  • not have been a consultant or a board member at the institution within the last seven years
  • not be a graduate of the institution
  • not have any other relationship that could serve as an impediment to rendering an impartial, objective professional judgement regarding the merits of the proposed academic program.


~Months 9-10

Post External Review

Within 30 days after the visit, external reviewers prepare an "external review report" and submit to APSU and THEC staff. 

Within 30 days of receiving the External Review Report, APSU must submit a response to THEC staff. THEC staff have 15 days to respond with one of three options: support, not support or defer for revision/more information. 

 ~Months 11-12

Program submitted to Board agenda by Academic Affairs (Months 13-15)

Program approved at the THEC quarterly meeting. *Official advertisement of program may begin* (Months 16-17)

Full implementation of program within all required APSU Departments (Months 17+)*

* The process may require more time if SACSCOC approval is required.

** Department should develop a list of 5-6 proposed external reviewers.