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Policy Modification

Austin Peay State University has two types of policy modifications: Academic and Administrative. While both policies must ultimately be approved by the University President not all policies required University Policy Committee approval or Board of Trustees approval. 

Academic Affairs deals with Academic Policies and regulations only. All other Policies, while they do follow the Policy Process Flow Chart below, are not entered through Curriculog or reviewed by Academic Affairs. 
Academic policies in need of modification are initiated within the appropriate department, routed through Academic Affairs, General Counsel, Faculty Senate, University Curriculum Committee and upon approval will be sent to the President for approval.

Administrative policies are initiated through Finance and Administration and then to the University Policy Committee for final approval. The Official Policy approval process is outlined in the document below.

Policy Process Flow Chart


Regulation Modifications

Bulletin information relating to degree progression or completion is considered procedural and while approval is needed, the regulations will not require Board of Trustee approval. These modifications should be placed into Curriculog utilizing the Policy Modification form and will be routed to the appropriate departments for approval.