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PASS 0950

PASS 0950 is a non-credit, pass/fail course designed as an academic-strengthening program to provide students with academic and personal support for college success. Enrollment in the PASS 0950 course is mandatory for students placed on academic probation during their junior or senior year, and for students who have successfully appealed an academic suspension. Students who do not complete the PASS course will be required to enroll in the course the next semester if they are still on academic probation. Students placed on academic suspension while enrolled in PASS 0950 cannot appeal the suspension if they fail the course. 

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Course Objectives

The course PASS 0950 has one simple objective: to help students repave their Path to Graduation when they enter Academic Probation in a later part of their academic journey.

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Course Design

The course design for PASS 0950 is based on the concept of 'wrap-around support.' We want to ensure that from start to finish of that semester, the student will have someone who can help them achieve their academic aspirations. How do we achieve this goal?

* If the student has already completed this letter, they will be allowed to write another one to either replace or add to their original one.

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Course Offerings

The course is offered in two formats:

Available times for these courses are subject to change. 

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Course Support

This course will offer complete wrap-around support for the students. Wrap-around support includes:

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