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The Gift, Prize, or Award Form must be attached to any request for gift reimbursement.

Download Form (PDF)

Gifts, prizes, and awards are considered taxable income per the IRS and must be reported as income to any recipient. This includes, but is not limited to: gift certificates, gift cards, cash, and other non-cash items. Use this form to report recipients of gifts, prizes and awards. Do not use this form for requesting reimbursements of gifts purchased. To avoid delays in processing, please provide the information requested below immediately for any individual recipient.

The value of gifts, prizes and awards provided to employees, including student employees, will be added to employees' Forms W-2 for proper IRS tax reporting.

The value of gifts, prizes and awards provided to students, fellows, and residents will be reported on Form 1099 if aggregate taxable payments received by such individual exceed $600 during the calendar year. Please note that taxable income for US tax purposes provided to nonresident aliens (NRAs) is subject to 30% withholding under the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts, prizes and awards given to NRAs will be subject to a gross up which will be charged to the department providing the gift, prize or award.