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Frequently Asked Questions

The Fort Campbell Center (FCC) is located on Fort Campbell at 202/203 Bastogne Avenue.  Our main administrative offices, along with the majority of our classrooms and laboratories are housed in the Glenn English Army Education Center (Bldg. 202).  We also have a dedicated Austin Peay facility (Bldg. 203) next to the Army Education Center that houses six classrooms and most of our faculty offices along with offices for Admissions and Academic Advisors.

Since the Fort Campbell Center is located between Gates 3 and 4, either gate will provide convenient access.  If entering from Fort Campbell Blvd. through Gate 3, turn right on Bastogne Ave (first traffic light), and the Fort Campbell Center facilities will be on the right.  If entering from Fort Campbell Blvd. through Gate 4, turn left on Bastogne Avenue (second traffic light), and the Fort Campbell Center facilities will be on the left. 

All courses offered at the Fort Campbell Center, both on-line and on-ground are scheduled on an accelerated 7 1/2 week semester format, as opposed to the 16 week semester format for most courses on the Clarksville campus.  Most FCC on-ground classes meet 2.5 hours either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, with a full evening schedule.  Occasionally, some classes also meet on Friday or Saturday.

The content and quality of the courses offered at the FCC is no different from those offered on the Clarksville APSU campus.  A student's transcript will not distinguish between the campuses where the instruction occurred (FCC or Clarksville) or the method of delivery (on-line or on-ground).

Although entry to Fort Campbell is restricted, students may obtain access by presenting the proper documentation at the Visitors Center located at Gate 4. The required documents include driver's license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. 

Initial entry access is obtained on a daily basis, but once a student has registered and confirmed for classes at the FCC, a pass for the entire term may be issued. The paperwork to obtain this term pass is available from the Austin Peay Center at Fort Campbell administration office (Army Education Center, Building 202, Office 140) in the Army Education Center prior to the beginning of the term. 

Those with a drivers license from the following states will need to present a second form of ID: Kentucky, Maine, Montana and Oklahoma.


We strive to provide one-stop service at the FCC.  There are representatives from admissions, veterans affairs/financial aid, and registrar's office available at the FCC during normal office hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. An APSU bookstore is located in the Army Education Center, and is open to serve our students with extended hours prior to and after each term begins. Additionally, student may make payments on their accounts and obtain their student IDs at the FCC administrative offices. We have 27 full-time faculty and 2 professional academic advisors assigned to the FCC to provide quality academic support for whichever major you may pursue.

The best place to start if you are Active Duty using TA is the ArmyEd Center in the front of the Education Center Building.

Civilian students and veterans will begin the process with Admissions in the APSU Building, which is the adjacent building to the Education Center.

Austin Peay has access to 20 classrooms and labs in the Army Education Center (Bldg. 202), and an additional 6 classrooms in the Austin Peay facility (Bldg. 203).

  • Classrooms in the Army Education Center will be designated on the schedule as EC0202 followed by the room number, i.e., EC0202 1109.
  • Classrooms in the Austin Peay facility will be designated on the scheduled as EC0203 followed by the room number, i.e., EC0203 AP101.
  • (Classroom located in Bldg. 203 are always preceded by AP).

As a student at the Fort Campbell Center, you have the opportunity to pursue a variety of degree options, from the Associate of Applied Science and Associate of Science degrees to the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science (BS) with a Major in Leadership and Organizational Administrationdegrees to a host of Graduate degree options. This link provides information on each program: Degree Programs

Additionally, the Fort Campbell Center provides the courses needed to complete the core requirements for all degrees offered here and for most of the other majors offered at the university.  Many students with Clarksville campus majors complete the first two years at Fort Campbell and then transfer to the Clarksville campus for the upper level courses specific to their disciplines.