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 Banner HR/Payroll FAQs - Approver/Proxy

  When do I need to approve employee time sheets and leave reporting?

There are deadlines for employee time entry as well as for the Approver to approve for payroll.

  What do I as an Approver do if my employee is out sick on the day the time sheet/leave report is due but hasn’t started/completed his/her time sheet/leave report?

 If the employee is unable to start or complete his/her time sheet, please contact the Office of Human Resources. One of the Superusers there will start or open the employee’s time sheet/leave report, and send it to you for completion and/or approval.

  What do I do if an employee accidentally submits an incomplete time sheet/leave report?

 As an Approver,  send it back for correction. 

What if an employee finds an error in his/her time sheet/leave report after I have approved it?

 If you have already approved the time sheet, it has been submitted to Payroll. The approver must notify Payroll. .

  How can I view previous time periods that I have approved?

 Historical time sheets and leave reports are available through the Approver channel for four months through self-service.

  What do I do if I know that I will be out during the time that I would normally be approving web time entry/leave reporting?

 If you are unable to perform your duties as an Approver, please notify your Proxy to act on your behalf. Make sure that appropriate security access has been given to your Proxy.

Once I have designated a Proxy, can I limit their access/security to certain Approver’s areas, e.g. only nonexempt approvals but not exempt.

 Yes, there are two different approval queues.

  How will I let my Proxy know that I need him/her to approve time sheets/leave reports?

 You will need to communicate directly with your Proxy if you need him/her to approve the time sheets/leave reports for your queue.

  What if the exempt employee takes time he/she doesn’t have? A nonexempt?

 Leave balances should be checked before granting a leave request. For exempt and non-exempt employees, if it will result in a negative balance the employee will be docked Leave with out Pay for any negative balances.

  Is it better to return a time sheet/leave report to an employee/student for correction or to correct it myself?

 Always return it for correction provided there is sufficient time to do so, but if any changes are made by the approver it must be documented in the comments section and an email sent to the employee and cc payroll@apsu.edu with an explanation.

  What if a nonexempt employee works additional hours, but takes time off instead of being paid?

 The time worked should not be entered on the time sheet if time is taken off (compensatory time) in lieu of pay. Compensatory time can only be taken in the same pay period. If time worked exceeds 40 hours in a work week, the time off must equal one and one half times the hours worked over 40.