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Clerical Support Employees Timesheets

All Clerical/Support biweekly employees are now required to submit a timesheet with all hours worked to be paid. If a timesheet is not submitted, this will delay your pay.

Overview of Web Time Entry (WTE)

  • All Clerical/Support biweekly employees are now required to submit a timesheet with all hours worked to be paid. If a timesheet is not submitted, this will delay your pay.
  • The WTE process allows employees to enter their time worked on a web based time sheet and allows supervisors to approve their work time. This is available 24/7 for entry and viewing.

  • The employee’s WTE time sheet will be available on the fourth workday of each pay period. If you don’t have a WTE time sheet and this is your first one, wait and check back in a few days.  The timesheet will create automatically, once your job has been setup in the system.  If it is within 3 days of the timesheets being due please contact Human Resources.

  • Employees should enter time worked throughout the pay period, review their time sheet to ensure it is correct and submit for approval at the end of the pay period. It is very important that entries for time worked be entered weekly at a minimum.  Do not wait until the end of the reporting period to input hours worked.

  • Once the employee’s hours have been correctly recorded, submitted for approval and approved by the approver(s) it is ready to be processed by payroll. If the hours are not correct, the approver can send the timesheet back for correction or correct the time sheet with comments.

  • WTE time sheets will always be associated with one of the following transaction statuses:

    • Not Started – Time sheet has not been opened by employee.
    • In Progress – Employee has opened time sheet and may or may not have entered hours.
    • Pending – Time sheet has been submitted for approval.
    • Return for Correction – Time sheet has been returned for correction by the approver to the employee.
    • Approved – Time sheet has been approved by the approver and is ready for payroll processing.
  • You may always check the status of your time sheet on the Time Sheet Selection screen.

Accessing your Banner WTE Time Sheet

  • Click on Web Self Service

OneStop snippet showing Web Self Service

  • Log in using your Banner ID and Password that you currently use when signing on to your computer. Contact the help desk if you experience problems with your Username or Password.
  • At the next screen, click on “Employee” Tab.

Snippet showing Employee tab in Web Self Service

  • Click on Timesheet

Snippet showing time sheet link in employee tab

  • Click on Access my Timesheet and click select

 Snippet showing how to access timesheet

  • Select the position and pay period you want to enter hours.
  • If you have multiple positions, it is extremely important that you select the correct position to enter hours- click the my choice option.
  • Be sure you select the correct pay period.

Staff pay period selection

 How to Enter Hours

  • Click on Enter Hours for the day you need to enter work hours.
    • Before any hours are entered the total regular hours you should report is listed under the default hours, highlighted below.
    • Enter the number of actual hours worked for each day under Regular Hours.
    • Holiday pay will automatically show the number of hours for the holiday. Do not report regular hours on a holiday unless you actually physically worked that day.
    • Enter any leave or reporting of comp time or overtime earned

Example clerical support timesheet

  • Time must be entered in 15 minute intervals in the 99:99 format. For example: 10:00, 10:15, 10:30 or 10:45.
  • Please round using the following chart:

Actual time on clock       Rounded time

Rounding rules for timesheet

  • Convert your rounded time to hundredths when entering time for the day
    • 0 min = .00
    • 15 min = .25
    • 30 min = .50
    • 45 min = .75
  • After entering your hours, click Save. Do not change the shift code, if you do accidently change it change it back to a “1”

Example clerical support timesheet

  • You may enter hours and logout of the system as often as needed during the pay period.
  • Select Copy to copy hours to other days (for days when your work schedule is exactly the same).

 How to copy time on clerical timesheet

  • Click Timesheet to return to summary page.  Hours are now copied to the days selected
  • Any comp time taken and earned should be reported each day, the total for the day should reflect the actual amount of time worked for each day.   If you have a comp time balance this is used before annual leave.

How to enter comp time

  • Regular pay, holiday pay, and any leave should add up to your standard base hours of 75 or 80 hours (prorated for part time) for the pay period.
  • You may use the Comments button to enter any additional information (optional).  Save and then click Previous Menu

Example timesheet comments

  • Enter your time worked throughout the pay period instead of waiting until the last minute and entering it all at the same time. Hours must be entered once a week at a minimum and more frequently as required by your supervisor. Waiting until the end of the period could jeopardize your pay if you are out unexpectedly the week hours should be submitted.
  • If you prematurely Submit for Approval, you must contact your supervisor/approver to return your time sheet to you.
  • The Submit By Date on your Time Sheet is the day after your Approver must have your time sheet to payroll.  The timesheets are due every other Monday by 11:59 P.M.
  • If you submitted a timesheet but did not submit your leave taken, enter the leave to be adjusted on the next timesheet to be processed the next pay period.

Clerical adjustment hours

Clerical adjustment hours comments

Late Timesheets and Adjustment Hours

If you did not submit a timesheet at all, you will need to complete a manual clerical support timesheet and submit to your approver. Your approver will submit to payroll. A supplemental payroll will be processed 3 days after the scheduled payday.  If a timesheet is submitted after the supplemental payroll is  processed, your timesheet will be added to the next scheduled pay day.