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Undergraduate Majors and Master of Science in Management

Accounting provides the information necessary for evaluating the present and planned activities of complex organizations. It includes diverse services to individuals, business entities, and governments at all levels. Professional accountants develop and apply their skills in auditing, taxation, management policy, information systems, computer operations, and many other areas. As a result, accounting is currently a leading growth profession throughout the world. With instant communication facilities, easy international travel, and expanding world trade, accounting services have grown in scope and importance. Many Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firms and companies have extensive international operations.

Accounting Program Requirements

Finance can be defined as the art and science of managing money. The field of finance is integral to almost every facet of business enterprise. It is also a vital aspect of government operations and has an effect on our daily lives. Virtually all organizations and individuals raise money and decide how to spend and invest it. Finance is concerned with the entire process of obtaining the money that organizations or individuals need, and spending and investing that money in the most efficient manner.

Finance Program Requirements

The Management program exposes business students to the challenges and varied opportunities of a managerial career. In so doing, students gain an in-depth understanding of the problems and challenges that face managers at all levels, as well as gain insights into their own leadership strengths and weaknesses. Students are given a broad educational experience that encompasses some theory with strong emphasis on the practice of management.

Management Program Requirements

Marketing is actually a lot more than just selling products. It also involves identifying new needs in the Company's target markets, and helping design new products to meet these needs. Further, Marketing identifies what product changes are wanted by customers in the Company's target markets. In short, Marketing is responsible for finding needs in the Company's target markets and filing them, and maximizing exchanges between the Company and customers in these target markets. This includes designing and refining the Company's products, and pricing, promoting, and distributing them. Marketing is also responsible for identifying new target markets. This can involve Marketers in starting new companies, and acquiring outside companies.

Marketing Program Requirements 

Through the Master of Science in Management program, students gain the business knowledge they need to succeed with exceptional business and leadership preparation for students with little or no business experience. Students attending full-time can complete the program in one year.  The Management program is offered completely online through the Ft. Campbell campus and admits for Ft. Campbell Spring 1, Summer 3 and Fall 1 terms.

Management Program Requirements