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Individual Services


Receive feedback on the formatting and content of your resume or cover letter. If you have not created a resume or cover letter yet, you can find some samples under the Guides and Tip Sheets tab. Please send your resume or cover letter to Dessauerd@apsu.edu at least 24 hours before your appointment so it can be reviewed prior to appointment.

Practice your interviewing skills to get more comfortable answering those tough questions! This is great if you have an upcoming interview – you can even request your mock interview in the format your interview will be (phone, Zoom, in-person). Please send a job description to Dessauerd@apsu.edu at least 48 hours before your appointment so it can be used to personalize your mock interview questions.

If you are not practicing for a specific job, you can find a sample job description that interests you on Jobs4Govs. You are encouraged to wear interview attire and treat this like a real interview from start to finish! You will be provided with feedback at the end.

Searching for jobs or internships can be overwhelming. This is a great service to get you started and to provide you with some tips as you start your search. If you have specific challenges, questions, or anxieties around job/internship searches please share those when you make your appointment. I have a variety of activities I can incorporate in your appointment to help address some common worries!

Please bring your computer or device to your appointment.