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We Can't Make It Without The Arts

We Can't Make It Without The Arts

The College of Arts & Letters has started a YouTube series called "We Can't Make It Without The Arts."  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, a different faculty or staff member from CoAL will share a work from the arts that help them cope during difficult times.


Episode 15: Memorizing Poetry with Dr. Tim Winters


Episode 14: "The Imaginary Great British Baking Show" with Professor Margaret Rennerfeldt


Episode 13: Imagination with Dr. Steve Kershner


Episode 12: Folk / Traditional Songs with Dr. Eric Branscome


Episode 11: Making COVID-19 Masks with Professor Leni Dyer


Episode 10: Documentary Films with Professor Karen Bullis


Episode 9: Woodworking with Dr. Beatrice Brockman


Episode 8: The Arts We Enjoy Everyday with Professor Talon Beeson


Episode 7: Collecting Vinyl Records with Professor Patrick Gosnell


Episode 6: Using This Time To Be Creative with Dr. Emily Hanna Crane


Episode 5: The Singing Space with Dr. Michael Chandler


Episode 4: Toni Morrison's "Beloved" with Dr. Marisa Sikes


Episode 3: Vincent Youman's "Without a Song" with Dr. Jeffrey Williams


Episode 2: Speculative Fiction with Dr. Andrea Spofford


Episode 1: Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" with Dean Barry Jones