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College of Art and Letters at Austin Peay State University

We Can't Make It Without The Arts

We Can't Make It Without The Arts

During the early parts of the COVID-19 Quarantine, faculty within the College of Arts & Letters began a video series called "We Can't Make It Without The Arts."  Faculty shared a work from the arts that helps them cope during difficult times.


Episode 15: Memorizing Poetry with Dr. Tim Winters


Episode 14: "The Imaginary Great British Baking Show" with Professor Margaret Rennerfeldt


Episode 13: Imagination with Dr. Steve Kershner


Episode 12: Folk / Traditional Songs with Dr. Eric Branscome


Episode 11: Making COVID-19 Masks with Professor Leni Dyer


Episode 10: Documentary Films with Professor Karen Bullis


Episode 9: Woodworking with Dr. Beatrice Brockman


Episode 8: The Arts We Enjoy Everyday with Professor Talon Beeson


Episode 7: Collecting Vinyl Records with Professor Patrick Gosnell


Episode 6: Using This Time To Be Creative with Dr. Emily Hanna Crane


Episode 5: The Singing Space with Dr. Michael Chandler


Episode 4: Toni Morrison's "Beloved" with Dr. Marisa Sikes


Episode 3: Vincent Youman's "Without a Song" with Dr. Jeffrey Williams


Episode 2: Speculative Fiction with Dr. Andrea Spofford


Episode 1: Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" with Dean Barry Jones