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Campus Conditions

Campus condition: NORMAL

COVID-19 Guidelines


    Campus Condition Levels


  Normal Campus-Return to normal daily operations in all campus areas with no restrictions.
MODIFIED   Modified Campus-Campus operations return to predominately in-person activities with modifications.


  Restricted Campus-Campus operations, where practical, are conducted in-person with reduced capacity.  Instruction is conducted predominantly remotely. 


  Remote Campus-All campus operations are conducted remotely.  Access to campus is restricted to critical functions only.

Q: Why are we required to wear masks under normal operations?

A: In August, the University reinstated its indoor mask mandate, even though it remained open under normal operations. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance in August called for individuals in areas experiencing high transmission rates because of the Delta variant to wear masks. According to Aug. 18 data from the Tennessee Department of Health, the positive rate in Montgomery County for those tested was 8,902 per 100,000 residents. Surrounding counties have similar rates. Davidson County is experiencing more than 16,000 positives per 100,000 residents.

Our current COVID-19 guidelines require anyone on campus follow the mask directive issued by the University. Our risk levels are designed for any emergency situation and are not COVID specific.