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Undergraduate Degree Information

Beginning in Fall 2021, the department's degrees will be updated. In some cases, the changes between the pre-Fall 2021 requirements are significant. This page primarily applies to the new versions of the degrees.

In most cases, current students, especially current students nearing graduation, will not be affected by these changes. Current students will remain under their current degree plan with the same set of required classes that they have been working on completing. Any student with questions about the new requirements and whether or not they apply to their individual situation should talk to their academic advisor before making any changes to their degree.

Summary of changes

The classes for each degree are now grouped into three categories:

  1. Computing core - a common set of courses that all students in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, and Computer Information Technology are required to take.
  2. Major core - each degree contains a set of classes that required for that degree.
  3. Concentration requirements - each concentration within a degree has requirements unique to that concentration.
  4. Minor requirements - Computer Information Systems requires a non-computing minor chose from a list of approved minors. Computer Science and Computer Information Technology do not require minors.

Computing core requirements

A new requirement for all degrees is a set of classes called the computing core. All students in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, and Computer Information Technology, regardless of the degree, are required to take the same set of core classes. The computing core consists of these classes:

Major cores and concentration requirements

Each degree has a major core unique to that degree, and each concentration within the degree has an addition set of requirements.

B.S. Computer Science

The major core for Computer Science:

The Computer Science degree does not require a minor.

The Computer Science degree offers two concentrations.

B.S. Computer Information Systems

The major core for Computer Information Systems.

CIS minor requirement

Beginning with the Fall 2021 catalog, Computer Information Systems students are required to complete a non-computing minor from a list of approved minors. This requirement can be met with either a minor or second major. For second degree students, the student’s first degree or minor may fulfill the requirement if it falls into one of the approved categories.  The requirement may also be met by petitioning the Department Chair as discussed below.

Students whose catalog is earlier than Fall 2021 must have a minor. However, they can fulfill the requirement with any minor, concentration, or major regardless of whether or not it is on the list below.

The current list of approved majors and minors for students in the Fall 2021 catalog or later are listed in the table below. Details and requirements of each minor can be found in the University Undergraduate Bulletin.

College of Business

  • Any minor or major
  • Note: business degrees from other schools for computer-related majors/minors and information systems major/minors do not apply

College of Behavioral and Health Sciences

  • Dept. of Criminal Justice
    any major or minor
  • Dept. of Military Science
    any major or minor
  • Dept. of Political Science and Public Management
    any major or minor

College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

  • Any STEM minor or major, excluding computer-related minors and majors

Minors and majors offered by the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology may not be used to fulfill CIS minor requirement. For second degree students from other schools, this would include majors and minors such as, but not limited to

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Information Technology
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering

Second degree students whose original major and minor are not in an approved category will be required to add a minor here at APSU.

As an alternative to the list of approved minors and majors, students may petition the Department Chair to either

Students should not select non-approved minors or majors, or take classes to non-approved classes to fulfill the minor requirement without prior approval.

Students are allowed to have two or more minors.  For example, some students may still want a computing minor, even though it does not fulfill the CIS minor requirement.  In these cases, the student will choose one of the above options to fulfill the CIS minor requirement, which will be their first minor.  They can then add a computing minor as a second minor.

CIS concentrations

The Computer Information Systems degree offers two concentrations.

B.S. Computer Information Technology

The major core for Computer Information Technology.

Beginning in Fall 2021, the Computer Information Technology degree does not require a minor.  Students who have declared the Computer Information Technology prior to Fall 2021 are required to have a minor.  Updating to the current degree will remove the minor requirement.

The Computer Information Technology degree has two concentrations: