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Matthew Hale

Matthew Hale

Assistant Professor


  • Contact

  • halem@apsu.edu
  • 931-221-7378
  • Music Mass Comm Bldg Room MMC 228
“I appreciate the privilege and responsibility of teaching and I love getting to watch our students learn and succeed.” Dr. Hale on what he enjoys about being a part of the Austin Peay community.

PhD Communication and Culture, Indiana University (2018)

PhD Folklore, Indiana University (2018)

MA, Folklore Studies, Western Kentucky University (2010)

BA, Anthropology, Western Kentucky University (2008)

Dr. Hale is an Assistant Professor of Communication. He specializes in multimedia ethnographic research methods, critical theory, new media, and popular culture.

Digital Culture, Social Media, Critical Theory, Digital Pedagogy, Pop Culture Studies, and Cultural Studies.

2014. "Cosplay: Intertextuality, Public Texts, and the Body Fantastic." Western Folklore 73(1): 5-37.

2013. "Steampunk: Reimagining Trash and Technology." Invited Post for the Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing Blog.

2013. "Airship Captains, Pith Helmets, and Other Assorted Brassy Bits: Steampunk Personas and Material-Semiotics." New Directions in Folklore (11)1: 3-34.

2012. (Co-Authored Paper with Suzanne Barber). "Enacting the Never-Was: Upcycling the Past, Present, and Future in Steampunk." In Steaming into a Victorian Future: A Steampunk Anthology. Cynthia Miller and Julie Taddeo, eds. Pp. 165-184. Scarecrow Press.

2012. "Shaping Theory, Bending Method, Tapping [New] Media: Ethnographic Craftsmanship and Responsive Design." Folklore Forum 42(1): 1-22.