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Faculty Senate Committees 2023-2024

Executive Committee

Rules Committee

Nominations and Elections Committee

Budget Review Committee

Academic White

Charge (2023-24): Academic White will clarify/defining language for what and why is a course a Gen Ed course.

Academic Red

Charge (2023-24): Academic Red will look at best practices course caps—how and why and will generate data from peer institutions about it.

Faculty White

Charge (2023-24): Faculty White will look at calculating credit hour policy and defining what is a credit hour and aligning it with SACSCOC requirements.

Faculty Red

Charge (2023-24): Faculty Red will assess and report on faculty salaries for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues and overall faculty salary inversion. Determine key components of faculty compensation in preparation for new compensation plan consultants. 

Student Academic Success Initiative (SASI)

Staff Service Award Committee

CAFÉ Advisory Council Representative