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*Some calculator features may be incomplete when using various web browsers. It is important to review calculations as you are completing the estimation form to ensure features are working properly.

This calculator is an estimate of your direct cost. Direct cost can include estimated tuition and fees, housing charges, meal plan charges, and other registration fees. The cost of books and personal expenses are not included in this calculation.
I understand this is an estimate of direct cost and an estimate of financial aid awards. Costs and/or financial aid awards are subject to change prior to enrollment. It is my responsibility to verify and accurately input residency classification and understand the applicable rates. Austin Peay State University is not liable for estimates provided to students using the calculator.

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This calculator is designed for and cannot exceed 18 credit hours.
If you select more than 18 credit hours, the calculation will indicate an error.
Note: Graduate students cannot exceed 12 credit hours in the calculation.

*This calculator does not Calculate eRate.

Additional Course Fees: these are required for certain types of APSU courses.
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Estimated Direct Cost (for one semester)

Please note: Additional fees could apply. The tuition and fees total is solely for estimation purposes.

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*Total does not include book or personal expenses.

*Non-Traditional housing is calculated for 4 months.

Financial Aid Awards (for one semester)

Use the section below to estimate the cost after estimated financial aid award(s) by manually entering estimates.

Verify your enrolled courses count for aid by checking the Course Choice Counts tool in AP OneStop. Enrollment in courses not required for your degree program may impact your financial aid award.

Please note: PLUS Loan amounts are not calculated into these totals. You may estimate student loan amounts however, there will be an origination fee subtracted from the loan. Please remember to accept your loans via AP OneStop and complete your Entrance Counseling and Master Promissary Note requirements.

*Graduate students are considered independent.

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* Federal loans do not include the loan origination fee deducted by the federal government.
* If a student does not qualify for the need-based Subsidized loan, the amount of the Unsubsidized loan can be increased to the maximum loan amount for a grade level.

Estimated Totals (for one semester)

Estimated Direct Cost:
Estimated Total Aid:
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