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Repeat Coursework Regulations

The Department of Education implemented regulations for repeated coursework to improve the pace of graduation completion for students, which in turn should reduce loan indebtedness and preserve grant funding levels. This is based upon the Federal regulation 34 CFR 668.2(b), effective July 1, 2016.

Federal and State financial aid, to include student loans, parent loans, grants and Federal Work Study cannot be applied to any previously passed course that has been repeated more than once.

John completes English 1010 and receives a grade of D. John may receive financial aid to repeat English 1010 only once more in an attempt to improve his grade. No matter what grade John receives for his second attempt, financial aid will not pay for any future repeat of English 1010 since it was previously passed.

Samantha completes Art 1030 and receives a grade of F. She repeats Art 1030 and receives a grade of D. Samantha may receive financial aid funds to repeat Art 1030 one more time.

Jason completes Math 1530 and receives a grade of F. He repeats Math 1530 and receives another grade of F. Jason may receive financial aid to repeat Math 1530 until he receives a passing grade of at least a D. After receiving a passing grade, Jason may receive financial aid to repeat Math 1530 only once more.