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Student Services:

FSL offers a course one hour per week during both the fall and spring semesters for all four years of intended participation in the program. Attendance is mandatory for every participant. Each freshman cohort will begin by learning about academic responsibility and personal organization preferences. Over time, the curriculum will shift to cover topics such as interpersonal communication, mastering executive functioning skills and professional development. As participants move to their fourth year in the program, the focus of the course is strictly on career readiness and their final job shadow assignment.
Participants will meet with the FSL Staff on a weekly basis to ensure that they are on track and meeting the expectations of courses and the program.  This will also be an opportunity for participants to express any concerns they might have or accomplishments they want to share.
Participants of FSL are paired with a fellow APSU student for their freshman and sophomore years. These individuals are available to assist in acclimation to the university and encouraging active participation in college life, but they also work with each participant to improve social anxiety, communication skills and explore new hobbies and interests. 
Faculty or staff mentors are assigned once participants reach their junior and senior years at APSU. These mentors are directly connected to each participant's major degree,  and they assist the FSL team in the areas of advisement, career readiness, and transition to the workforce. 
One-on-one tutoring is offered through the Learning Resource Center (LRC), previously known as the Academic Support Center (ASC) at APSU. Tutoring often takes place in a group setting, but we feel that, by having individualized sessions, tutors can assist in areas that may be outside of course content (such as organization and study habits). FSL also has the ability to find tutors in academic courses that are not typically offered through the LRC.  

All FSL participants will be required to complete three monitored study hours each week. These hours can be supplemented or replaced by the student’s scheduled tutoring hours. To build self-management, self-reliance and independence, study hours are adjusted per college year of the students.

First-year students are required to do all study hours in the study room hosted in the Full Spectrum Learning office. Second-year students are required to do two study hours in the Full Spectrum Learning office and one via Zoom. Third-year students are required to do one study hour in the Full Spectrum Learning office and two via Zoom. Fourth-year students are not required to do there study hours in the Full Spectrum Learning office but must complete them via Zoom.

To facilitate the use of Zoom, all FSL participants will be required to activate their free APSU Zoom account. Students can elect to do all their required study hours in the Full Spectrum Learning office. Students are also allowed to exceed the three hours per week requirement.


Student Resources: