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Environmental Health and Safety Advisory Committee

Membership: 3 faculty from different colleges, one representative from Athletics, Finance and Administration, and Student Government Association. There will be 6 ex officio members. One from Public Relations, Public Safety, University Counsel, Human Resources, the Assistant Director of the Physical Plant Operations, and the Sustainability Coordinator. The Director of Environmental Health and Safety will be the permanent chair.

Description: The committee has the responsibility for developing procedures and necessary activities to ensure Austin Peay State University complies with applicable requirements outlined in the Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy. It will review and update the University Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Manual and incorporate/refer to existing EHS plans/policies such as Public Safety Emergency Procedures Plan, and other EHS plans developed by divisions of the University. The committee will regularly review and evaluate campus security programs based on analysis of trends, statistics and guidance on public safety and crime awareness training to prevent/reduce crime on campus and in the university community. The committee will review and evaluate campus departmental safety programs and performance annually. The review and evaluation will consist of analysis of current trends and comparison of University statistics to state and national statistics. The committee will provide guidance and make recommendations on campus and departmental safety issues to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

(Approver: Vice President for Finance and Administration)

 2021-2022 Membership:

Faculty Name Division Department Service Term
Carl Gerhold, Chair Finance and Administration Environmental Health and Safety Indefinite
Rachel Bush Faculty, CoAL Art + Design 2021-2022
Debra Rose Wilson Faculty, CoBHS Nursing 2021-2022
Catherine Haase Faculty, CoSTEM Biology 2021-2022
Bud Jenkins Athletics Facilities Director 2020-2022
Philip Zoch Finance and Administration University Design & Construction 2020-2022
Daniel Lobdell Student Affairs SGA Representative 2021-2022
Bill Persinger Legal Affairs & Organizational Strategy Public Relations & Marketing ex officio
Michael Kasitz Finance and Administration Public Safety ex officio
Corey Harkey Legal Affairs University Attorney ex officio
JaCenda D. Robinson Finance and Administration Human Resources ex officio
Jeff Wagner Finance and Administration Physical Plant ex officio
Olivia Herron Finance and Administration Office of Campus Sustainability ex officio

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Environmental Health and Safety Advisory Committee, please contact:

Carl Gerhold, Chair
Email: gerholdc@apsu.edu