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Title IX and Gender Equity Committee

Membership:  Faculty Athletics Representative, Senior Woman Administrator, 1 male head coach, 1 female head coach, Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) President, Athletics Director or designee, President Office designee, Title IX Coordinator, Community member, staff senate representative, student representative from athletics, Finance and Administration Representative.  The students serving should be diverse in gender and ethnicity.

Description: This committee will serve as an advisory body to the President on issues related to Title IX and gender equity in APSU’s intercollegiate athletics programs; to field requests from campus and the community regarding the addition of sports; to develop an effective method of surveying skills, interests and abilities (the 3rd prong) and annually evaluate those survey results; to routinely monitor and document participation levels of the underrepresented sex sports programs; to conduct an annual review of the gender equity plan; to provide review, direction, and support in the development of plans to enhance gender equity in athletics and compliance with Title IX; and to educate campus on gender equity issues.

(Approver: Vice President for External Affairs)

2020-2021 Membership:

Name Area Department Service Term
Lisa Varytimidis, Chair Senior Woman Administrator Athletics 2020-2021
Cindy Taylor Faculty, Athletics Representative Biology 2020-2021
Travis Janssen 1 male head coach Athletics 2020-2021
Taylor Mott 1 female head coach Athletics 2020-2021
Myah LeFlore SAAC President Athletics 2020-2021
Gerald Harrison Athletics Director (or designee) Athletics 2020-2021
Carol Clark President’s Office  President’s Office 2020-2021
LaNeeça Williams Title IX Coordinator Affirmative Action 2020-2021
Paula Hallett Community Member paula.hallett@cdelightband.net 2020-2021
Anja Shelton Staff Senate Representative Foy Fitness 2020-2021
Gorel Soumare Student Representative from Athletics Student Representative 2020-2021
Sonja Stewart Finance and Administration Representative Budget Office 2020-2021

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Title IX and Gender Equity Committee, please contact:

Lisa Varytimidis, Chair 
Email: varytimidisa@apsu.edu