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Health Promotion Committee

Membership: Selected in consultation with the Student Wellness Steering Committee and the Mental Health and Wellness Committee Chair. Recommend balance of faculty and staff members, at least one staff member from Athletics, and at least one student member.

Description: In consultation with the Student Wellness Steering Committee, the Health Promotion Committee will engage in population assessment, community building, education, policy development, strategic planning, and reporting around key areas of student health, including exercise, nutrition, sexual health, sleep, and smoking cessation. In the interest of strategically addressing these and other areas of student health, the committee will administer the National College Health Assessment to the student population once every three years and will use data and analytics derived from these assessments to set priorities and assign tasks.

(Approver: VPSA)

2021-2022 Membership:

Name Area Department Service Term
Kadi Bliss, Chair Faculty, CoBHS Health &Human Performance 2020-2022
Shannon Haselhuhn Faculty, CoBHS Health & Human Performance 2020-2022
Amanda Estep Faculty, CoBHS Health & Human Performance 2020-2022
Cindy Meyer Faculty, CoBHS Nursing 2020-2022
Somaditya Banerjee Faculty, COAL History & Philosophy 2021-2022
Danielle White Faculty, CoBHS Nursing 2021-2022
Jill de Graauw Staff, Student Affairs Health Services 2020-2022
Lauren Norton Staff, Athletics Athletics 2021-2022
Bridget Marley Staff Health Services 2021-2022
Elizabeth Stonerock Staff, Finance and Administration Financial Aid/Veteran's Affairs 2020-2022
Lauren Wilkinson Staff, Student Affairs University Recreation 2020-2022
Olivia Herron Staff, Finance and Administration Sustainability and Environmental Health 2020-2022
NovaLee Feichko Student Affairs Student Representative 2021-2022
Denise Galben Marshall Student Affairs Student Representative 2021-2022

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Health Promotion Committee, please contact:

Kadi Bliss, Chair
Email: blissk@apsu.edu