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Latinx Advisory Board Committee

Membership:  Hispanic Cultural Center Coordinator as chair, Chief Diversity Officer and Title IX Coordinator as co-chair, Representative from the Parent and Family Association, Admissions, Student Success, Learning Resource Center, Health and Counseling Services, Trio, Vice Provost for Student Achievement, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Life & Engagement, Cultural Director, Community Representative and Student Representative recommended by the coordinator of the Hispanic Cultural Center.

Description: The board has the responsibility for:

  1. Focusing on identifying areas of need within the Latinx community at APSU
  2. Collaborating in the implementation of new strategies that will contribute to the recruitment, success, and retention of Latinx students
  3. Recommending speakers, programs, and collaborations for the Hispanic Cultural Center events.

2021-2022 Membership:

Name Area Department Service Terms
Yanaraliz Barnes Coordinator-co-chair Hispanic Cultural Center 2021-2022
    CDO/Title IX Coordinator, co-chair 2021-2022
    Parent and Family Association 2021-2022
  Admissions Representative Admissions 2021-2022

Student Success Representative

Student Success


  Learning Resource Center Representative Learning Resource Center 2021-2022
  Health and Counseling Services Representative Health and Counseling Service 2021-2022
  Trio Representative Trio 2021-2022
Nancy KingSanders Vice Provost for Student Achievement Student Success 2021-2022
Victor Felts Associate Dean of Students/Director Student Life & Engagement 2021-2022
Miguel Ruiz-Aviles Professor Cultural Director 2021-2022
  Community Representative   2021-2022
Keneliz Fuentes Student Representative kfuentes2@my.apsu.edu 2021-2022

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Hispanic Cultural Center Advisory Committee please contact,

Yanaraliz Barnes, Co-Chair