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Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Membership: 2 co-committee chairs and 1 committee co-chair elect recommended by the Provost/VP of Academic Affairs and confirmed by the President, 1 college dean and 1 department chair appointed by Provost/VP of Academic Affairs, 11 faculty appointees by faculty senate representing each college and Library, 5 appointees by Student Affairs, 3 appointees by Finance and Administration, 1 staff senate appointee, 1 appointee by Athletics, 2 committee advisors-Vice Provost/Associate VP Academic Affairs and Director of Institutional Effectiveness. There are 6 ex officio members: Provost, VP for Student Affairs, VP for Finance and Administration, Faculty Senate President, Student Government Association President, 1 appointee by External Affairs. Members of the board are appointed for three-year renewable terms. There are no limits on reappointment.

Description: The committee will support the University’s commitment in establishing outcomes assessment as an ongoing and integral part of its culture and emphasis on quality programs and services. To accomplish this charge, the committee provides oversight, guidelines and resources for program-and unit-level implementation of assessment and evaluation activities. The committee reviews departmental institutional effectiveness reports of academic programs and non-academic units. The committee’s work supports activities pertaining to SACSCOC standards of institutional effectiveness and does not supplant the work of existing committees with a targeted role in assessment (e.g., General Education committee) or the work of discipline-specific accreditation or program review committees.

(Approver: Provost/AVPAA)

2020-2021 Membership:

Name Appointment Role Area Service Term*
Eric Branscome, Co-chair Faculty, CoAL Music 2019-2022
Kristen Hershey, Co-chair Faculty, CoBHS Nursing 2018-2021
Vacant Committee Co-chair Elect TBD TBD
Anne Wall, Past Co-chair Provost/AA appointee CoE, Ed. Specialties 2019-2022
Mickey Hepner Provost/AA Dean appointee CoB, Dean 2018-2021
Hassan A. Said Faculty, CoB Accounting, Finance and Economics 2019-2022
Phillip Short Faculty, CoE Education 2019-2022
Kakali Chakrabarti Faculty, CoAL Communication 2019-2022
Jackie Vogel Faculty, CoSTEM Mathematics 2018-2021
Benita Bruster Faculty, CoE Education 2018-2021
Jennifer Harris Faculty, Library Research and Instruction 2018-2021
Dale Pickard Faculty, CoAL Theatre and Dance 2018-2021
Wes Atkinson Faculty, CoAL Languages and Literature 2019-2022
Amy Melton Faculty, CoB Management and Marketing 2018-2021
Ying Ma Faculty, CoBHS Sociology 2018-2021
John Phillips Faculty, CoBHS Political Science/Public Management 2018-2021
Tammy Bryant Student Affairs Appointee Student Affairs 2020-2023
Ashley Kautz Student Affairs Appointee Nontraditional Student Center 2019-2022
Clay Heinley Student Affairs Appointee Foy Fitness & Rec. Center 2019-2022
Alex Wills Student Affairs Appointee Service Learning 2018-2021
Kelly Carpenter Student Affairs Appointee Leadership and Student Organizations 2020-2023
Benjamin Harmon Finance and Administration Appointee Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration 2018-2021
TBD Finance and Administration Appointee Director, Physical Plant 2020-2023
David Sanchez Finance and Administration Appointee AVP/CIO Information Technology 2020-2023
Lorneth Peters Staff Senate Appointee Director TSBDC 2019-2022
Riley Plenge Athletics Appointee Athletic Academic Services 2020-2023
Lynne Crosby VP/AVPAA Academic Affairs ex officio
Maria Cronley Provost Academic Affairs ex officio
Amanda Wornhoff Director, IEA, Committee Advisor Academic Affairs  ex officio
Eric Norman Vice President for Student Affairs Student Affairs  ex officio
Mitch Robinson Vice President for Finance and Administration Finance and Administration  ex officio
Christine Mathenge Faculty Senate President Faculty Senate  ex officio
Kito Aruh Student Government Association President Student Government Association  ex officio
Kat Bailey External Affairs Appointee Research Analyst  ex officio

For more information about this committee, contact:  

Eric Branscome
Email: branscomee@apsu.edu

Kristen Hershey
Email: hersheyk@apsu.edu