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Intellectual Property and Commercialization Committee

Membership: (to include individuals with experience in intellectual property matters): 2 staff members, at least 4 faculty members (representing diverse disciplines) 3 ex officio members (executive director of research and sponsored programs, university attorney, and member from information technology. Members will serve a three-year term and can serve two consecutive terms. When consecutive terms have been served, a three-year break must occur before serving again.

Description: The purpose of this committee is to serve the intellectual property (IP) interests of APSU, its personnel (either full-time, part-time, or temporary employees), its enrolled students, and any other persons using APSU facilities and resources. To fulfill this purpose, the committee will evaluate and/or research information and statements submitted to the committee by employees to determine if the IP was either derived from work supported by or through the institution or involved a significant use of the institution’s resources. The committee submits to the President its recommendation relative to:

  1. the ownership of the intellectual property,
  2. the need to seek protection (including patent and copyright),
  3. the distribution and assignment of royalties,
  4. the acceptance of related third-party agreements,
  5. commercialization of the intellectual property, and
  6. any deviation of APSU Policy 2:047 as appropriate to the situation or circumstances surrounding the intellectual property.

(Approver: Provost/SVPAA)

2020-2021 Membership:

Name Position  Area Service Term*
Chad Brooks, Chair Director, Research and Sponsored Programs CoGS ex officio
Costin Shamble University Attorney Legal Affairs ex officio
Austin Siders Director of Enterprise Application and Solutions Information Technology ex officio
Charles Booth Staff Representative Public Relations 2018-2021
Crystal Faulkner Staff Representative Distance Education 2018-2021
Ellen Smyth Faculty, CoSTEM Mathematics 2018-2021
Darren Michael Faculty, CoAL Theatre and Dance  2018-2021
Charmaine Lowe Faculty, CoE Education 2018-2021
Thomas O'Connor Faculty, CoBHS Criminal Justice 2019-2022
Hassan A. Said Faculty, CoB Accounting, Finance, and Economics 2019-2022

*Appointment is September through August
If you have questions, concerns or would like more information about the Intellectual Property and Commercialization Committee, please contact:

Chad Brooks, Chair
Email:  brooksc@apsu.edu