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International Recruitment and Admission Committee

Membership: One faculty representative from each college and Library. One student representative from the SGA. International Recruiter, and as ex officio: Advancement representative, Director of Study Abroad & International Exchange, Human Resources representative, English Language Institute representative, Public Relations/Marketing representative, Associate Provost of Research & Dean of College of Graduate Studies, VP for External Affairs, Vice Provost for Student Achievement, Assistant VP for Student Affairs/Director of Housing, Residence Life and Dining Services, and Executive Director of Extended and International Education. Members will serve a three-year term and can serve two consecutive terms. When consecutive terms have been served, a three-year break must occur before serving again.

Description: The committee is responsible for developing, reviewing and making recommendations to recruit, admit, and enroll international students at APSU.

(Approver: Provost /SVPAA) 

2020-2021 Membership:

Name College/Division Department Service Term*
Allen Chaparadza Faculty, CoSTEM Chemistry 2020-2023
Christophe Konkobo Faculty, CoAL Languages and Literature 2018-2021
Samuel Fung Faculty, CoBHS Psychological Science and Counseling 2018-2021
Ling Wang Faculty, CoE Teaching and Learning 2018-2021
KJ Kim Faculty, CoB Accounting, Finance, and Economics 2018-2021
Kebede Wordofa, Chair Faculty, Library Technology Resources 2018-2021
David Rands Faculty, CoAL Coordinator, Asian Studies 2018-2021
Edom Kassaye Student (voting member) Student Government Association 2020-2021
Michele Tyndall External Affairs Marketing and Public Relations  ex officio
Jordan Harmon External Affairs Advancement  ex officio
Fonda Fields Finance and Administration Human Resources  ex officio
Christina Kelso Longhurst Academic Affairs English Language Institute  ex officio
Marissa Chandler Academic Affairs Study Abroad and International Exchange, Director ex officio
Vacant Fall 2020 Academic Affairs International Student Recruiter ex officio
Nancy KingSanders Academic Affairs Vice Provost for Student Achievement ex officio
Loretta Griffy External Affairs For Vice President for External Affairs ex officio
Joe Mills Student Affairs Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Housing, Residence Life and Dining Services ex officio
Chad Brooks Academic Affairs Associate Provost and Dean of the College of Graduate Studies ex officio
Tim Hudson Academic Affairs Executive Director of Extended and International Education ex officio

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the International Recruitment and Admission Committee, please contact:

Kebede Wordofa, Chair  
Email:  wordofak@apsu.edu