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Inquiry Committee on Research and Scholarly Misconduct

Membership: 1 tenured faculty member from each college and Library. The committee shall elect its own chair, who will serve for a term of 1 year. Members will serve a three-year term and can serve two consecutive terms.   When consecutive terms have been served, a three-year break must occur before serving again.

Description: The committee is responsible for coordinating investigations into any alleged research and scholarship misconduct. Although the committee will be notified by the chair of the Institutional Review Board of any allegations of research or scholarly misconduct, any member of the academic community can notify the committee of alleged research and scholarly misconduct. After the committee has investigated alleged misconduct, it will file a report with the provost recommending sanctions when appropriate.  

(Approver: Provost/SVPAA) 

Name Area Department Service Term*
David Snyder Faculty, CoAL History and Philosophy 2018-2021
Chris Gienger Faculty, CoSTEM Biology 2020-2023
Shondell Hickson Faculty, CoBHS Nursing 2019-2022
Xin Zhang Faculty, CoB Management and Marketing 2018-2021
Lisa Barron Faculty, CoE Educational Specialties 2018-2021
Michael Hooper Faculty, Library Resources Management 2018-2021

*Appointment is September through August