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Student Academic Suspension Appeal Committee

Membership: 11 Faculty, 2 from each college (including one from APC@FC) and one from Library, 4 Students and 1 ex officio (registrar). Members will serve a three-year term and can serve two consecutive terms. When consecutive terms have been served, a three-year break must occur before serving again.

Description: The committee, which will be structured into three subcommittees with one designated for the Fort Campbell program, will address questions related to student appeals for the waiver of policies relative to suspension. At the beginning of each term, the committee will meet and make decisions relative to student requests to waive the rules of suspension. The committee will review each appeal and render a decision. The decision of the committee is final.

(Approver: Provost/SVPAA) 

2021-2022 Membership:

Name Area Department Service Term*
Lisa Barron Faculty, CoE Teaching and Learning 2021-2024
Leni Dyer Faculty, CoAL Theatre and Dance 2021-2024
Eugenii Uliev Donev Faculty, CoSTEM Physics, Engineering and Astronomy 2020-2023
Stephanie Hicks Faculty, CoBHS Social Work 2019-2022
Tim Self Faculty, CoBHS, APC@FC Leadership and Organizational Administration 2021-2024
Zachary Barnes Faculty, CoE Teaching and Learning 2020-2023
Jennifer Thayer, Chair Faculty, CoB Accounting, Finance and Economics 2019-2022
Noel Rennerfeldt Faculty, CoAL Theatre and Dance 2020-2023
Susan R. Cockrell Faculty, CoB Accounting, Finance & Economics 2020-2023
Kebede Wordofa Faculty, Library Library 2021-2024
David Kirk Menser Faculty, CoSTEM Mathematics and Statistics 2021-2024
Campbell Moore Student Student Representative 2021-2022
Janelle Anderson Student Student Representative 2021-2022
Jacob Knight Student Student Representative 2021-2022
Nathan Toothman Student Student Representative 2021-2022
Nancy KingSanders Interim Registrar Office of the Registrar

ex officio

*Appointment is September through August
If you have questions, concerns. or would like more information about the Student Academic Suspension Appeal Committee, please contact:

Jennifer Thayer, Chair