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Student Academic Grievance Committee

Membership: 6 Faculty, one from each college and Library, 2 Students, 1 non-voting ex officio (VP of Student Affairs of his/her designee). Members will serve a three-year term and can serve two consecutive terms. When consecutive terms have been served, a three-year break must occur before serving again.

Description: The committee has the responsibility for hearing and reviewing grievances from students relative to concerns with their academic programs, grade appeals, or other areas where the students may feel grieved. An appeal of a committee decision may be made to the provost.

(Approver: Provost/SVPAA

2021-2022 Membership

Name Area Department Service Term*
Eleanor Jator Faculty, CoSTEM Allied Health Sciences 2021-2024
Kristen Butler Faculty, CoBHS Nursing 2020-2023
Talon Beeson, Chair Faculty, CoAL Theatre & Dance 2020-2023
Charles H. Gonzalez Faculty, CoE Teaching and Learning 2021-2024
Thomas Martinez Faculty, CoB Management & Marketing 2021-2024
Kristy Cunningham Faculty, Library Library 2021-2024
Gracie Haynes Student Student Representative 2021-2022
Marilyn Zamora Student Student Representative 2021-2022
Greg Singleton Student Affairs Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Non-voting ex officio 

*Appointment is September through August
If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Student Academic Grievance Committee, please contact:  

 Talon Beeson, Chair