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University Hearing Board

Membership:  Composed of 9 persons:  (5) students - two (2) automatically selected from the Student Tribunal Justices of the SGA and three (3) selected at large from the student body who meet the same qualifications and are selected via the same procedures as those for Student Tribunal Justices as listed in the APSU SGA Constitution, two (2) faculty and two (2) administrators, all appointed by the President, for a term of one (1) academic year.

Additionally, student faculty and administrator alternate members shall be selected to serve in the absence of regular members and shall be appointed by the President for a term of one (1) academic year.

Description: The University Hearing Board is a panel of faculty, staff and students who adjudicate violations of the Student Code of Conduct for students who choose to have a board decide the outcome(s) of their cases.

(Approver: President)

2021-2022 Membership:

Name Area Department Service Term
Victor Felts, Chair Student Affairs Associate Dean of Students and Director, Student Life & Engagement 2021-2022
Mike Dunn Faculty, CoAL Communication 2021-2022
Christine Mathenge Faculty, CoSTEM Geosciences 2021-2022
Melissa Kates Faculty, CoBHS Human Health and Performance 2021-2022
David Steele Faculty, CoBHS Sociology 2021-2022
James Thompson Faculty, CoE Education 2021-2022
Kimberly Morrow Staff, Student Affairs Director,  Residence Life 2021-2022
Harold Wallace Staff, Academic Affairs Director, Wilbur N. Daniel African American Student Center 2021-2022
Elizabeth Stonerock Staff, Admissions  Coordinator,  Veteran's Education Benefits 2021-2022
Ashley Kautz Staff, Student Affairs Coordinator, Adult, Nontraditional, Transfer Student Center 2021-2022
Nathan Toothman Student, Chief Justice Student Representative 2021-2022
Cal Livingston Student, Associate Chief Justice Student Representative 2021-2022
Canaan Catlett Student, Member at Large Student Representative 2021-2022
Ashley G. Smith Student, Member at Large Student Representative 2021-2022
Joshua Fitzpatrick Student, Member at Large Student Representative 2021-2022

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the University Hearing Board, please contact:

Victor Felts, Chair
Email: feltsv@apsu.edu