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University Tenure and Promotion Appeals Board Committee

Please see the APSU Tenure and Promotion Procedures and Guidelines for detailed information regarding the University Tenure and Promotion Appeals Board.

Faculty Name College Department Service Term
Karen Meisch   Dean appointed by the President serves as Chair of the Committee 2020-2021
David Denton   Faculty member appointed by the Provost 2020-2021
Tim Leszczak   Faculty Senate Representative 2020-2021
John Steinberg CoAL History and Philosophy 2020-2021
Kathy Lee Heuston CoAL Communication 2020-2021
Kevin Harris CoBHS Psychological Science and Counseling 2020-2021
Debbie Ellison CoBHS Nursing 2020-2021
Susan Cockrell CoB Accounting, Finance, and Economics 2020-2021
Vikki McCarthy CoB Management and Marketing 2020-2021
Moniqueka Gold CoE Teaching and Learning 2020-2021
Anne Wall CoE Educational Specialties 2020-2021
Jiang Li CoSTEM Computer Science and Information Technology 2020-2021
Justin Oelgoetz CoSTEM Physics, Engineering and Technology 2020-2021
Christina Chester-Fangman Library Library Administration 2020-2021
Gina Garber Library Library Administration 2020-2021

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the University Tenure and Promotion Appeals Board, please contact:

Tammy Delvendahl
Email: delvendahlt@apsu.edu