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University Tenure and Promotion Appeals Board Committee

Please see the APSU Tenure and Promotion Procedures and Guidelines for detailed information regarding the University Tenure and Promotion Appeals Board.

Faculty Name College Department Service Term
Karen Meisch CoSTEM Dean appointed by the President serves as Chair of the Committee 2020-2022
David Denton CoBHS Faculty member appointed by the Provost 2020-2022
Emily Crane CoAL Faculty Senate Representative 2021-2022
Korre Foster CoAL Music 2021-2022
Daniel Shea CoAL Languages and Literature 2021-2022
M. Waheeduzzaman CoBHS Political Science and Public Management 2021-2022
Debbie Ellison CoBHS Nursing 2020-2022
Hassan Said CoB Accounting, Finance, and Economics 2021-2022
Xin Zhang CoB Management and Marketing, General Business 2021-2022
Christina Chester-Fangman CoE/Library Library 2021-2022
Lisa Barron CoE Education 2021-2022
Rebecca Johansen CoSTEM Biology 2021-2022
Jackie Vogel CoSTEM Mathematics 2021-2022

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the University Tenure and Promotion Appeals Board, please contact:

Tammy Delvendahl
Email: delvendahlt@apsu.edu