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Accuplacer Testing for High Schools

NextGen ACCUPLACER is a computerized assessment that provides important information about individual skills and preparation for college-level courses. It is an untimed, adaptive computer-based test that measures skills in reading comprehension (20 questions), sentence skills (25 questions), and QAS (Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics --20 questions).

Potential dual enrollment students who are sophomores with at least a 3.0 GPA may take the Accuplacer if they have not taken a qualifying national test yet. Students must have qualifying test scores in order to take certain classes. Please see our Program Requirements for more information regarding classes that require qualifying test scores.

High school counselors and principals may schedule onsite Accuplacer testing for their building by contacting Cindy Ellis, Testing Coordinator, at 931-221-6269 or by e-mailing ellisc@apsu.edu. Please note that you must have at least 10 students who plan to test in order for the testing center to send a representative.   

  • Students testing for dual enrollment must have applied to APSU at least five (5) days before the scheduled test date in order for the Admissions Office to generate a student ID number for testing.
  • The following information for each student must be submitted to the APSU Testing Center at least one week prior to testing:
    • Student name,
    • DOB,
    • APSU ID number (if known),
    • and which portion(s) of the test the student will be taking.
  • Plan for approximately three hours per test session. High schools are limited to one on-site administration of no more than two consecutive days per semester.
  • Seating availability is limited to 20 students per high school test administration. Students may also schedule a time to take the Accuplacer on campus independently. Please click here to register for a test date.
  • Plan to have at least one school staff member available to assist and provide IT support/log-in credentials for the APSU test administrator as well as for any students who need log in assistance. One computer in the test room must be designated as the administrator station for the test administrator's use. The staff member should instruct students where to go once testing is complete and provide any necessary hall passes or notes to classroom teachers.
  • Testing sites within the schools must meet the specifications set by College Board for the administration of Accuplacer:
    • Students must be seated five feet apart, shoulder-to-shoulder.
    • The exam must be administered on desktop or laptop computers in a secured setting; no testing will be allowed on personal laptops or Google Chromebooks.
  • A system check must be run prior to the test administration by a school staff member to ensure computer readiness and pop-up blockers must be disabled for the testing session.
    • System requirements for the Accuplacer can be found at www.accuplacer.org under ‘Verify System’ in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    • Failure to run system and verify that system requirements are met may cause a significant delay in starting the test administration.
  • If you require accommodations for your Accuplacer test, please contact APSU Student Disability Resource Center at 931-221-6230 at least two weeks prior to your scheduled test date.

NOTE:  A school staff member must be present during the entire administration, including check-in.  Test administrators reserve the right to dismiss a student who is not complying with directions.

  • A calculator icon will appear in the upper right corner of the test screen during the matematics test and may be accessed for any question that requires the use of a calculator. PERSONAL CALCULATORS ARE NOT PERMITTED.
  • ALL students must present valid photo ID or a student identification form per College Board requirements in order to test—no exceptions. APSU will provide the test administrator with a roster on which to indicate the type of photo ID presented by the student at the time of testing and all students must sign the roster. 
  • Test administrator (not school staff) must check each student’s photo ID (or ID form) individually and have each one sign the testing roster.
  • The test administrator or school staff member must distribute the testing voucher that contains the test activation number and also doubles as scratch paper. A school staff member may wish to distribute the vouchers while students are waiting in line to sign the roster in order to save time.
  • As students sign in, either the test administrator or school staff member may direct them to their seats.
  • Once all students have signed the roster, obtained their voucher, and are seated at a computer, the test administrator will direct them to do the following (this may also be posted on a wall or board visible to students):
    • Go to accuplacer.org.
    • On the left side of the screen, under Start Test with Voucher, click on ‘Use Voucher’.
    • Enter the number indicated on their testing voucher, their last name, and date of birth.
    • On the next screen that requests a proctor login and password, STOP and await further instruction from the test administrator. The administrator will activate the test from her computer station when all students are ready.
    • If any student’s voucher is not working, the test may be started manually by the test administrator at that student’s workstation once the main group has been started.
  • Scores will be loaded for APSU once the roster is received and verified for procedure compliance.
  • Students are allowed to retest 30 days after their original test date. Any student allowed to test before reaching the 30-day eligibility mark will not be allowed to use the retest scores for any APSU program. Re-tests must be taken on the APSU Clarksville campus. Please click here if you need to register for a test date at APSU.
  • The first Accuplacer retest is free for dual enrollment students; after that, the student will be charged $10 per retest.
  • Accuplacer scores may not be used for regular admission purposes for dual enrollment students who later apply to APSU as traditional freshmen. They must submit valid ACT/SAT scores.