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APSU entrance

Your application is the first step to dual enrollment.

You must be admitted before you can register and attend class. Complete the required steps below for admission. 
New Student Checklist

Please use our checklist for first-time applicants to ensure you understand the steps of the college application process. After all, dual enrollment students are REAL college students!

New Student Checklist
Step 1: Online Application

Complete the online application for dual enrollment admission.

Click here to apply now!
Parent Form
Step 2: Parent Authorization Form

Have your parent or guardian submit the Parent Authorization Form. This form also has important information for them to read regarding dual enrollment costs and the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant.

Parent Authorization Form
High School Recommendation
Step 3: High School Recommendation and Transcript

Ask your school counselor to send in your high school transcript and complete the high school recommendation form on your behalf.

High School Recommendation Form

Other Items

Depending on your student status, you may be required to submit the following items at some point during Dual Enrollment. Please read through these and submit the required documentation if applicable to your student status.

Apply for Readmission Due to Unsatisfactory Progress - If your college GPA falls below a 2.75 GPA, you will need to complete the High School Recommendation Form and send an updated high school transcript and test scores showing that you still meet dual enrollment admission criteria (3.0 high school GPA or 21 composite ACT).

Tuition Discount Forms for Dependents of Public School Teachers, State of Tennessee Employees, TBR or University Employees - If you are eligible for a tuition discount, submit the appropriate form each semester of enrollment when you register for classes. Forms must be received by the first day of class each semester to be accepted.

Vaccination Records - A copy of your vaccination record is required in some cases; please refer to the table below to determine the requirements for your situation. If you do not have a vaccination record, please use this Certificate of Immunization form. Additional information about immunization requirements can be found at https://www.apsu.edu/healthservices/mmr.

Student Type

Vaccination Record Required?

My classes are at my high school.


My classes are online.


I am taking only one class on campus.


I am taking 6 or more credit hours in a semester on campus.


I am a homeschool student. 



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