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High School Recommendation for Dual Enrollment


Please submit this page one time for each dual enrollment student you are recommending to the program.

On the basis of the high school record, the ACT/SAT score and social maturity, I recommend this student for early admission or concurrent enrollment to Austin Peay State University as outlined above. The credits obtained at APSU shall be applied toward high school graduation if the student successfully completes the course(s) with a passing grade(s), with exception of joint enrolled students. A high school diploma will be issued if a student successfully completes all courses required for high school graduation.

  • An official transcript will be submitted on behalf of the student to govnow@apsu.edu.
    • Please note that an in-progress transcript will be needed for initial admission and that a final transcript will be required to establish that they maintained their grades.
  • Test scores (ACT, SAT, PLAN, PSAT, Aspire) will be included on the transcript when available.

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