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Save multiple ways on your dual enrollment tuition costs!

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TN Dual Enrollment Grant

You may be eligible to receive grant funding that will allow you to take FOUR semester courses FREE at APSU -- but you must apply through the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) to receive the grant. Visit the TSAC Student Portal to learn more. 

TSAC Student Portal
  • Dual enrollment tuition is $166 per credit hour (up to 12 credit hours per semester; $33 per credit hour over 12 credit hours per semester). This rate is over 50% off the undergraduate tuition rate!
  • A 3 credit course costs $498 and a 4 credit course costs $664.
  • The Dual Enrollment Grant does not cover the cost of lab fees or textbooks, which vary depending upon the class you take.
  • If you do not qualify for the grant or do not apply for the grant, you are responsible for your tuition out-of-pocket.
  • Even if you drop a class, there may be a prorated tuition charge for the class. However, we do have a fee appeal process. Contact our office for assistance.

Students must meet eligibility requirements listed on the TN Dual Enrollment Grant webpage.

  • High school juniors and seniors may receive an award to assist with the cost of up to ten courses over the course of the high school career. The maximum grant award is 3 classes per semester or 9 in an academic year. The funding source shifts to HOPE scholarship dollars at course #5 in the award sequence.
  • Submit your application in the TSAC Student Portal.
    • First create an account, then log in and complete the Dual Enrollment Grant application for the appropriate school year.
    • Save your login information to check your award status or apply for the next year.
  • Helpful Hints:
    • if you wish to receive grant money for a summer course, complete the previous academic year grant application (for summer 2020, complete the 2019-2020 grant application).
    • Do not complete the Middle College application; that is for two-year institutions only.
    • List APSU as your home institution on the grant application unless you are taking three or more courses at the other institution in the same semester.
  • You must apply for the grant by TSAC deadlines - no exceptions.
Application Deadlines
Fall Semester September 15
Spring Semester February 1
Summer Sessions

May 15

For students who apply for and remain eligible for the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant:


TN Dual Enrollment Grant Sequence Notes:

  • Courses taken through other institutions will count toward your four free courses at APSU. For instance, if you take courses 1 and 2 with another institution, and then enroll in two courses through APSU, you will only receive two courses free through APSU (courses 3 and 4 in the grant sequence).
  • Money received from the TN Dual Enrollment Grant for courses 1-4: $500 each for the first and second courses; $200 for the third course and $0 for the fourth course. 
  • Money received from HOPE for courses 5-10: $100 per credit hour – for a maximum of $900 per semester. 
  • Students are limited to receive grant funding on up to three courses per semester and nine per academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer).
  • If you take more than three courses per semester and/or more than nine per academic year, you will be charged for the additional courses out-of-pocket at the dual enrollment tuition rate. When you are planning for how much you will be financially responsible for, remember that this limit applies to all of your dual enrollment courses combined even if they are with more than one institution. 

Reminders about TN Dual Enrollment Grant Eligibility:

(For complete rules, please visit the TN Dual Enrollment Grant website.)

  • You must maintain a 2.75 cumulative college GPA to continue to receive the grant in future semesters. Once the award is lost, it is not possible to regain it.
  • In order to receive more than one grant award in the same semester, you must have a minimum HS GPA of 3.0 or 21 composite ACT score. Homeschool students must have a minimum ACT composite score of 21 and HS GPA of 3.0.
  • The funding for courses 5 - 10 will be deducted from your first semester HOPE Scholarship award unless you indicate you would rather pay tuition out-of-pocket on your APSU Dual Enrollment Application or Returning Student Form.
  • Dual enrollment grant funding can only be applied to 1000 and 2000 level courses.

Textbooks and Additional Fees

Textbook Costs

The requirement for textbooks varies by class and instructor. Textbook expenses are not covered by the TN Dual Enrollment Grant or APSU and are the financial responsibility of the student.

Many dual enrollment classes taught by high school instructors are taught using textbooks provided by the high school, meaning there is likely no out of pocket textbook expense for a student. 

All other classes - online classes, main campus classes, classes taught at a collaborative location, and classes taught by an APSU instructor visiting your school - will have textbooks that students must purchase or rent.

Many online classes utilize a digital textbook that is automatically loaded to D2L, but not all do. Please ask your instructor for clarification on textbook access for online courses. If a digital textbook is loaded to your D2L, there will be an automatic charge placed on your student account for the textbook cost. 

It is the student's responsibility to utilize the Textbook Express tool located in their OneStop Web Self-Service to determine their textbook needs for any class in which you are enrolled. When in doubt, reach out to your instructor to confirm your textbook needs.

Face-to-Face Proctoring for Online Classes

If you have an instructor who requires in-person proctoring for midterm and/or final exams, you will be responsible for paying the cost of the proctored session: $10/hr. fee to APSU on testing day.

Lab Fees

Students are responsible for science consumable fees ($33/lab) and Structured Learning Assistance fees for a few select classes ($75/course). These are indicated on the course descriptions when you are registering in Web Self Service.

Dependent Discounts

  • Certified public school teachers in Tennessee-- 25%
  • State of Tennessee employees-- 25%
  • TBR or university employees-- 50%

View and submit discount forms here: https://www.apsu.edu/student-account-services/discounts/

Paying Your Bill

All questions concerning dual enrollment grants and scholarships can be directed to the Dual Enrollment office (govnow@apsu.edu or 931-221-7175).

The FAFSA is not required for dual enrollment. The only financial aid available to dual enrollment students is the TN Dual Enrollment Grant, and the application for the TN Dual Enrollment Grant is seperate from FAFSA. 

The dual enrollment grant is not applied to your student's account until several weeks into the semester. You will receive an email stating that the TN Dual Enrollment Grant has been applied to your account, and then you may pay for the remaining portion out-of-pocket.  

Many online classes utilize a digital textbook that is accessible via D2L, but not all do. Please ask your instructor for clarification on textbook access. If a digital textbook is loaded to your D2L, there will be an automatic charge placed on your student account for the textbook cost. The charge is not covered by the TN Dual Enrollment Grant and is billed to the student.

Balances must be paid in full before students can register for future semesters. You can pay online through your OneStop Web Self-Service or by calling the Cashier’s Office at 931-221-6285.