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Graduate Academic Council

The Graduate Academic Council is the principal body for the establishment of policies and procedures relating to the administration of graduate programs. The purpose of the Graduate Academic Council is to provide for effective participation and deliberation by those concerned with graduate programs.

The Graduate Academic Council (GAC) receives and deliberates additions and amendments to graduate courses and curricula as well as policies/regulations/guidelines impacting graduate programs, and makes recommendations to University Academic Council and/or other University officials. GAC may initiate studies that are concerned with the welfare of graduate programs.

GAC is chaired by the College of Graduate Studies Dean and is comprised of a single representative from each graduate degree program*, a representative from Faculty Senate, a representative from the Office of the Registrar, a representative from the Library, a representative from Financial Aid, two graduate student representatives selected by the GAC chair, and a representative from Office of Student Research & Innovation. Graduate degree program representatives are selected by department chairs. Only faculty representatives from graduate degree programs and the Library have voting privileges. *Should a department have multiple graduate degree programs then the number of representatives will be determined by the Dean of the degree program’s College and the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies. 

2021-22 Graduate Academic Council Meetings

Date Time Location
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 3 - 4:30 p.m. Virtual (Zoom)          
Wednesday, October 27, 2020 3 - 4:30 p.m. Virtual (Zoom)
Wednesday, December 1, 2021                        3 - 4:30 p.m.                     Virtual (Zoom)              
Wednesday, January 2, 2022 3 - 4:30 p.m. TBA
Wednesday, February 2, 2022 3 - 4:30 p.m. TBA
Wednesday, March 30, 2022 3 - 4:30 p.m. TBA
Wednesday, April 27, 2022 3 - 4:30 p.m. TBA


GAC Charge

Graduate Program Coordinators

Graduate Academic Council Members

Graduate Program Coordinators
Member Email Department
Dr. Mercy Cannon cannonm@apsu.edu Languages & Literature
Dr. Kimberly Coggins coggsinsk@apsu.edu Psychological Science & Counseling
Dr. Joseph Elarde elardej@apsu.edu Comp. Science & Information Tech.
Dr. Korre Foster fosterk@apsu.edu Music
Dr. Amy Gillick gillicka@apsu.edu Music
Dr. Stephanie Hicks hickss@apsu.edu Social Work
Dr. Christina Hicks-Goldston hicksgoldstonc@apsu.edu Communication
Dr. Rebecca Johansen johansenr@apsu.edu Biology
Dr. Matt Jones jonesmatt@apsu.edu Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. Cheryl Lambert lambertc@apsu.edu Teaching & Learning
Dr. Tim Leszczak leszczakt@apsu.edu Health and Human Performance
Dr. Jiang Li lij@apsu.edu Comp. Science & Information Tech.
Dr. Vajira Manathunga manathungav@apsu.edu Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. Dan Meyer meyerd@apsu.edu Business
Dr. Michelle Robertson robertsonm@apsu.edu Nursing
Dr. Ramanjit Sahi rsahi@apsu.edu Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. Adel Salama salamaa@apsu.edu Engineering Technology
Dr. Adriane Sanders sandersam@apsu.edu Psychological Science & Counseling
Dr. Anthony Sanders sandersa@apsu.edu Education
Dr. Marisa Sikes sikesm@apsu.edu English
Dr. David Snyder snyderdr@apsu.edu History & Philosophy
Dr. Gary Stewart stewartg@apsu.edu Educational Specialties
Dr. Jackie Vogel vogelj@apsu.edu Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. Anne Wall walla@apsu.edu Educational Specialties
Dr. Kathryn Woods woodsk@apsu.edu Leadership & Organizational Admin.
Dr. Sherri Prosser prossers@apsu.edu Educational Specialities
Dr. Ling Wang wangl@apsu.edu Teaching and Learning
College Deans
Dr. Prentice Chandler chandlerp@apsu.edu Martha Dickerson Ericksson Col. of Ed.
Dr. Tucker Brown brownt@apsu.edu College of Behavioral Health & Sci.
Dr. Mickey Hepner hepnerm@apsu.edu College of Business
Dr. Barry Jones jonesb@apsu.edu College of Arts & Letters
Dr. Karen Meisch* meischk@apsu.edu College of Science, Tech., Eng. & Math.


Department Chairs
Dr. Robert Baron baronr@apsu.edu Communication
Dr. Eric Branscome branscomee@apsu.edu Music
Dr. Benita Bruster brusterb@apsu.edu Teaching & Learning
Dr. Thomas Buttery butteryt@apsu.edu Educational Specialties
Dr. Eve Rice ricem@apsu.edu Nursing
Dr. Amy Thompson thompsona@apsu.edu Biology
Dr. Dr. JeffreyThompson thompsonjd@apsu.edu Social Work
Dr. Mercy Cannon cannonm@apsu.edu Languages & Literature
Dr. Samuel Jator jators@apsu.edu Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. NIcole Knickmeyer knickmeyern@apsu.edu Psychological Sci. & Counseling
Dr. Ravi Manimaran manimaranr@apsu.edu Engineering Technology
Dr. Marcy Maurer maurerm@apsu.edu Health & Human Performance
Dr. Vikkie McCarthy mccarthyv@apsu.edu Mgmt., Marketing & Gen. Business
Dr. Leong Lee leel@apsu.edu Comp. Science & Information Tech.
Dr. William Rayburn rayburnw@apsu.edu Leadership & Org. Leadership
Dr. Cameron Sutt suttc@apsu.edu History & Philosophy


Affiliated Units
Dr. Chad Brooks
AP for Research & Dean 
brooksc@apsu.edu College of Graduate Studies
Dr. Marissa Chandler chandlerm@apsu.edu International Student Services
Ms. Amy Corlew
corlewa@apsu.edu Admissions
Dr. Lynne Crosby
VP & Associate Vice President
crosbyl@apsu.edu Academic Affairs
Dr. Chad Brooks
Interim Director
brooksc@apsu.edu Research & Sponsored Programs
Student Research 
& Innovation
Mrs. LaNeeca Williams
Chief Diversity Officer
williamslr@apsu.edu Equity, Access, and Inclusion
Ms. Megan Mitchell
mitchellm@apsu.edu Graduate Admissions & Recruitment
Dr. Kristine Nakutis
Executive Director
nakutisk@apsu.edu Fort Campbell Center
Ms. Jasmine O'Brien
Curriculum Coordinator
obrienjr@apsu.edu Academic Affairs
Ms. Donna Price
priced@apsu.edu Financial Aid & Veteran's Affairs
Mr. Joe Weber
weberj@apsu.edu Library Services
Ms. Sharon West
Admissions Processor
wests@apsu.edu Graduate Admissions
Ms. Catherine Winn
Associate Registrar
winnc@apsu.edu Office of the Registrar
Ms. Telaina Wrigley
wrigleyt@apsu.edu Office of the Registrar