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2022-23 Student Handbook & Calendar

Impact Your Experience

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Set yourself apart with an internship! An internship is a form of experiential learning where you integrate your classroom knowledge with real world experiences. You will learn industry and interpersonal skills that employers are looking for when hiring. An internship can build your network and open doors for future employment opportunities. There are more college graduates than ever before and an internship will hep distinquish you in a competitive job market. The top skills employers are looking for are problem-solving, analytical/quantitive, teamwork, and written communication. Research shows 68 percent of interns are offered full-time employment at the same company. Search for local, regional and national opportunities on Jobs4Govs. Contact Career Services for more information on how to get an internship and make the most of your experience at 931-221-6544 or email us at careerservices@apsu.edu


Service learning

"Service-Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities." (From Servicelearning.org)

APSU has 37 designated service-learning course opportunities for students, 16 academic departments offering service-learning courses, 400 students taking service-learning courses during an average semester, and 20 nonprofit organizations benefiting each semester from student work. There are 2,340 average hours of volunteer time per semester.

What students say: 82 percent think service-learning has helped them see real-life application of coursework, 60 percent believe their course has helped to clarify career plans, and 64 percent thing the service-learning experience has improved leadership skills.

What faculty say: 82 percent beieve student service work has made a difference in the community, 67 percent think community work has helped focus specific areas of scholarship, and 60 percent believe relationships with students were enhanced because of the community work performed.

You can learn more at Community Engagement and Sustainability, 322 Home Avenue, 931-221-6590.


The mission of the Office of Student Research and Innovation is to support the incorporation of research training in the areas of business, education, humanities, social sciences and STEM into the APSU experience as a means to engage, retain and promote students and their success. You can find creative and research opportunities through the department located in McReynolds 118, or call 931-221-7881.

Student Research