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Emerald Hill

Emerald Hill Apartments

Family and Non-Traditional Student Housing

Emerald Hill apartments offers one and two bedroom apartments. Apartments only have a refrigerator and stove. Other furnishings must be provided by resident. Cable and telephone jacks are available in each apartment. Water and electrical service is provided by the Housing/Residence Life & Dining Services. Occupancy cannot exceed two people for a one-bedroom, and four people for a two-bedroom apartment. The apartments are available for single students 21 years of age and above, graduate students, married students, or single-parent students.

The Emerald Hill Apartments provide two laundry rooms, playground and central office area.

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Frequently asked Questions:

We are pleased that you have chosen Emerald Hill as your new home. Here are a few tips that will help ensure your stay be a pleasant one.

The Cashiers window in the Browning building on Browning Drive, is where you will need to go to pay your rent, phone bill, or any other charges that you may have from the University.   

Your rent includes electric, water, local phone, cable (ready), trash pickup, Internet and free laundry facilities. You also have the added benefit of living in a secure community, with campus police and the Resident Assistants patrolling the grounds and checking the buildings.

There are two laundry facilities in Emerald Hill one in building 4 room C. The other one is located in building 9 room B. In the laundry rooms there are washers, dryers, a drink machine as well as a television for you to enjoy while you are there. In order to enter the laundry room you must use your apartment key. Requiring your apartment key to enter the laundry room is one way we keep our residents secure, keeping out non-residents and preserving low prices.


The Housing staff consists of the Area Coordinator (AC), Residence Hall Director (RHD), and Resident Assistants (RA), all of whom are here to ensure quality living conditions. The Area Coordinator is the supervisor who oversees all office related material. The Residence Hall Director and the Resident Assistants are there to assist you with any needs or concerns.

The Area Coordinator is available in the housing office Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm.

A Resident Assistant is on duty from 7:00pm-7:00am.

A Resident Assistant is available in the Emerald Hills office from 7:00pm-9:00pm. After 9:00pm they can be reached by calling 5212, which is forwarded to the apartment of the Resident Assistant on duty, until 7:00am. There is also a board outside the office that will supply you with all the staff’s apartment and home numbers, and an arrow pointing to the Resident Assistant on duty.

The Residence Hall Director will be in the office during their scheduled office hours.


Candles are not allowed due to potential fire hazards.

Residents can not have pets, unless it is a service animal, or a fish tank exceeding 20 gallons. Weapons are illegal on campus as well as drugs, and this includes alcohol. Health and safety checks are done once a month to insure that everyone is living in a healthy and safe environment. These checks will be done by RA’s and if failed then a follow up is done by the AC. It will be posted ahead of time the week of, however not the day, nor time, that they will take place, on the bulletin board located on the first floor in the breezeways.

In the breezeway there are bike racks. Please store your bicycles there. You may only have grills, bicycles, and plants outside in the breezeway.

 In order to better serve residents, Housing needs to hear their voices. This is done by the Emerald Hill/Two Rivers Hall Council. The Hall Council is made up of residents in Emerald Hill and Two Rivers. They come together to form a consensus building group that helps to create change. In order to improve the Emerald Hill community, we need your voice.
The Notes for Living is a book of important information about the rules and regulation of living here and what you can expect. It is important for you to read and understand this information. When you sign your lease, you are also stating that you know and understand all policies.

Please report all maintenance issues promptly. This includes, but is not limited to, pest control, clogged drains, heaters and air conditioners. Work orders can be submitted online at:


Please keep in mind, unless it is an emergency, work orders take 3-5 days on average to be fulfilled. 


In the case of a fire there is a map on the back of your front door that tells you where you are located and the nearest exit out of the buildings.

In the case of a tornado, you are asked if living on the top floor to locate to an apartment located on the bottom floors, these could be the office, either laundry rooms or a down stairs neighbor. 


To help us better insure your safety please lock your doors when you leave. If staff comes across a door that is unlocked, they are instructed to lock it. 

If you have children, it is not only housings policy but the state of Tennessee as well, that children must be supervised. Please don’t let the children play outside without an adult supervising them. We have been fortunate when it comes to children not being picked up by strangers.  

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