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Move In Guide

Congratulations on your decision to attend APSU! We know this is a very exciting, yet stressful time in your life as you begin preparing for your move on campus. We are here to help!


Apply for Housing

Before you move on campus, you must complete a housing application and sign a 2021-2022 License Agreement. To confirm your move in, click the button below, login using your OneStop credentials, then click "Apply for Housing" on the right side of the screen.


Apply for Housing 


Confirm Your Move In

We encourage you to complete your pre-move in paperwork and select a move in appointment.  By completing these steps, you will ensure your move in experience is efficient and rewarding. To confirm your move in, click the button below, login using your OneStop credentials, then click "Confirm Your Move In" on the right side of the screen.


Confirm Your Move In


What to Bring

Your residence hall room will soon become your "home away from home" and we want you to bring whatever items you will need to make it comfortable. Below is a list of suggested items to get you started. 



Health & Safety

·       Cleaning supplies (e.g., sanitizing wipes, broom, mop, paper towels)

·       First Aid Kit

·       Flashlight

·       Laundry Supplies (hamper, detergent, hangers) - Laundry is free!

·       Medication (prescribed and/or over the counter)

·       Thermometer

·       Toilet Paper & Paper Towels

·       Toiletries (e.g., toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo)

·       Towels & Washcloths

·       Umbrella/Rain Jacket



Make it Home

·       Bed Linens (XL Twin)

·       Blanket / Comforter

·       Decorations/3M Command Strips

·       Pillow(s)

·       Posters/Photos

·       Rug (5’ x 7’ looks great!)

·       Storage Crates/Bins

Let’s Eat!

·       Coffee Maker

·       Cooking/Eating Utensils

·       Dish Towels / Sponge

·       Dish Soap

·       Microwave (1,000 watts or less)

·       Plates / Cups

·       Pots/Pans

·       Refrigerator (5 cubic feet or less)

·       Surge Protector for Microwave/Fridge

*Any cooking appliance (except microwave and fridge) must be used in the residence hall kitchen.

 Get Connected

·       Phone charger

·       Computer – Learn About Computers at the Library

·       Ethernet Cable 

·       Television & Streaming Device

·       Game Console – Learn How to Connect

·       Blu-Ray/DVD Player

Ready to Succeed

·       Study Supplies (pens, paper, stapler, highlighters, post its, paper clips, etc.)

·       Backpack

·       Textbooks



What Not to Bring

Please review our A-Z Guide for a complete list of prohibited items.. 


Alcoholic Beverages/Containers

Candles/Incense/Wax Warmers

Contact Paper


Dartboards/Nerf Guns

Electric Grills


Halogen Lamps

Hot Plates

Nails/Permanent Hanging

Pets (Fish are Permitted)

Space Heaters




Our laundry rooms are equipped with High-Efficiency washing machines and operate at no extra cost to you. For best results, we recommend high-efficiency detergent; pre-measured HE liquid packets/pods are convenient for busy college students.


 Connect Your Devices

Our residence halls are equipped with high-speed wired and wireless internet for studying and using gaming/streaming devices. The GovsTech Help Desk can help you get connected to the Wi-Fi.

Learn More


 Maintenance Request

Prior to your arrival, our staff have inspected your room to ensure it is in move-in ready condition; however, if you find an issue in your room or residence hall, submit a maintenance request.  We recommend booking or saving this link for the future.


Learn More


 Residence Hall Policies

It is important for you to be familiar with all residence hall procedures and policies. You can find everything you need to know including our policies on visitation, quiet hours, and safety/security.


Learn More



We are permit free; however, students are required to register their car prior to parking on campus.  You may register your parking permit online.  For questions about parking, please contact Parking and Transportation.


Learn More 



 Dining and Meal Plans

All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan.  For information about meal plans, dining venues, menus, and hours of operations, visit our dining webpage.


Learn More


Change Your Meal Plan 


 Need Help?

Contact your Residence Hall Director, Resident Assistant, or our main office for further assistance.


 Contact Housing