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Major Field Test

Most departments require graduating seniors to take an exam that covers topics specific to their major. Known as a Major Field Test, this exam is different from the Senior Exit Exam, which focuses on critical thinking and general education principles.

Seniors preparing to graduate with an associate's or bachelor's degree from the majors listed below should contact the program's representative listed below for information about testing requirements. Seniors graduating from Education, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Radiologic Science and Special Education programs may be required to take licensure tests as part of the Major Field Test requirement. Degrees in Liberal Arts, General Studies and Leadership and Organizational Administration do not have a Major Field Test requirement.

There are no fees charged to students for taking the Major Field Test. Accommodations for distance learners and requests for exemptions must be directed to the program's representative. To see a list of all graduation requirements, please visit the website for Graduation.


Major   Contact Person   Email Address
Accounting   Kathleen Trevathan   trevathank@apsu.edu
Agriculture   Dr. Don Sudbrink   sudbrinkd@apsu.edu
Art    McLean Fahnestock   fahnestockr@apsu.edu
Aviation Science   Charles Weigandt   weigandtc@apsu.edu
Biology   Dr. Don Dailey   daileyd@apsu.edu
Chemistry   Bailey Harrison   harrisonbn@apsu.edu
Communication Media   Dr. Robert Baron   baronr@apsu.edu
Computer Information Systems   Dr. Jiang Li   lij@apsu.edu
Computer Information Technology   Dr. Jiang Li   lij@apsu.edu
Computer Science    Dr. Jiang Li   lij@apsu.edu
Criminal Justice   Melissa Boyer   boyerm@apsu.edu
Education   Kevin Fee   feek@apsu.edu
Engineering Physics   Dr. Alex King   kinga@apsu.edu
Engineering Technology (AAS and BS)   Michele Tamayo   tamayom@apsu.edu
English   Lena Jenner   jennerl@apsu.edu
Finance   Kathleen Trevathan   trevathank@apsu.edu
Foreign Languages   Lena Jenner   jennerl@apsu.edu
Earth and Environmental Sciences   JJ White   whitej@apsu.edu
Health & Human Performance   Dr. Grayson Elmore   elmoreg@apsu.edu
History   Janice Poindexter   poindexterj@apsu.edu
Kinesiology   Dr. Grayson Elmore   elmoreg@apsu.edu
Management   Kathleen Trevathan   trevathank@apsu.edu
Marketing   Kathleen Trevathan   trevathank@apsu.edu
Mathematics   Dr. David Menser   menserd@apsu.edu
Medical Laboratory Science   Dr. Perry Scanlan   scanlanp@apsu.edu
Music   Dr. Kristen Sienkiewicz   sienkiewiczk@apsu.edu
Physics   Sherry Bagwell   bagwells@apsu.edu
Political Science   Sage Disney   disneye@apsu.edu
Professional Communication   Dr. Robert Baron   baronr@apsu.edu
Professional Services   Dr. Robert Halliman   haillimanr@apsu.edu
Psychological Science   Dr. Nicole Knickmeyer   knickmeyern@apsu.edu
Public Management   Sage Disney   disneye@apsu.edu
Radiologic Science   Dr. Jennifer Thompson   thompsonjl@apsu.edu
Social Work   Jessie Wiser   wiserj@apsu.edu
Sociology   Kristal Butts   buttsk@apsu.edu
Theatre Arts   Dale Pickard   pickardd@apsu.edu


Graduates requesting their scores should contact the department that administered their exam.