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Faculty & Staff Directory 

Members of the faculty have the depth and breadth of preparation and experience to offer students a full, well-balanced curriculum.

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Regular Faculty and Staff

Wes Atkinson
Associate Professor
Email: atkinsonr@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7215
Office: Harned Hall, Rm 204

Ph.D. (Lehigh University)
19th-C American Literature, Early American Literature, Native American Literature





Beatrix Brockman

email: brockmanb@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-7847
Office: Harned Hall, Room 221

Ph.D. German (Vanderbilt)
M.A. English (Austin Peay State University)
German  Literature


Thomas Call

Master Instructor

Email: callt@apsu.edu
Office: Harned Hall, Room 206
Phone: 221-7281

Ph.D. (UT Knoxville; 2005)



Mercy Cannon
Professor, Chair
Email:  cannonm@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7893
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 116

Ph.D. (U. Of Tennessee, Knoxville)
18th Century British Literature


Sherry Clark
Email: clarkso@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7892
Office:  Memorial Health 112B

M.A. in English (Austin Peay State University)



Linda Crenshaw
Email: crenshawl@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7119
Office: Harned Hall, Room 220

Ph.D. (Vanderbilt)
American Literature, Southern Writers.


Osvaldo Di Paolo Harrison
E-mail: dipaoloo@apsu.edu
Phone: 931-2217487
Office: Harned Hall, Room 216

Ph.D. (University of Kentucky)
19th, 20th, and 21st century Latin American Literature


No photo available

Stephanie Dugger
Email: duggers@apsu.edu
Phone: 221-7894
Office: Harned Hall 118

Ph.D. (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)



Jill Eichhorn
Associate Professor
Email:  eichhornje@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-6314
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 143

Ph.D. (Miami of Ohio).
American Literature, Women's Studies, Coordinator of Women's Studies.


Taylor Emery
Assistant Professor
Email:  emeryt@apsu.edu
Phone:  931-221-1453
Office:  FC Education Center

M.F.A. in Creative Writing Nonfiction (Murray State University)
Composition, World Literature


 Florian Gargaillo

Florian Gargaillo
Assistant Professor
Email: gargaillof@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-7871
Office: Harned Hall, Room 236

Ph.D. in English Literature
Boston University


Barbara Lee Gray
Senior Instructor
Email: grayb@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-6239
Office: Claxton, Room 302D

Master of Arts in English (Austin Peay State University)


Katherine Honea
Associate Professor
Email:  honeak@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-7117
Office: Harned Hall, Room 223

Ph.D. (University of Florida)
Spanish (Hispanic Linguistics)




 Lena Jenner
Academic Assistant to the Chair
Email: jennerl@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-7891
Office: Harned Hall, Room 115

MA, Austin Peay State University


Stephen Kershner


Stephen Kershner
Assistant Professor, Classics
Email: kershners@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-6828
Office: Harned Hall, Room 214

Ph.D. (SUNY Buffalo)
Latin Literature, Roman Social History, Literary History



Christophe Konkobo
Email:  konkoboc@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7596
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 213

Ph.D. (University of Iowa)
Francophone Literature and Film


 Andrew Kostakis

Andrew Kostakis
Assistant Professor
Email: kostakisa@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-7339
Office: Harned Hall, Room 105

Ph.D. (Indiana University - Bloomington)
Linguistics and Germanic Studies


No photo available

David Major
Email:  majord@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7927
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 228

Ph.D. (Oklahoma State University)
Technical Writing


No photo available

Paula White

Assistant Professor
Email:  whitep@apsu.edu 
Phone:  (931) 221-7864
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 235

Ph.D. (University of Arkansas)
African American Literature, Women's Studies 


No photo available

Jesse Williams, Jr.

Assistant Professor
Email:  williamsjl1@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7885
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 141

MFA (Screenwriting, Hollins University)
Ph.D. (Middle Tennessee State University)
African American Literature, Film Studies, Screenwriting


No photo available

Cynthia McWilliams
Associate Professor
Email:  mcwilliamsc@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-7874
Office: Harned Hall, Room 232

Ph.D. (Southern Illinois)
Composition and Rhetoric, Linguistics



Pamela Roddy Morrison
Senior Instructor
Email: magransp@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7861

M.A. in English (APSU)



Miguel R. Ruiz-Aviles
Email:  ruizavilesm@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7855
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 104

Ph.D. (Nebraska).
Spanish Literature and History.    
Director of the Hispanic Cultural  Center, Coordinator of the Study Abroad Program Spain.


Laura Schultz
Spanish Instructor
Email:  schultzl@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7594
Office: Harned Hall, Room 225

M.A. (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee)
Spanish, Spanish-English Translation


Daniel P. Shea
Email:  shead@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7895
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 230

Ph.D. University of Oregon
British Victorian


Marisa Sikes
Associate Professor
Email:  sikesm@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7212
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 234

Ph.D. University of New Mexico
British Medieval


Karen D. Sorenson
Email:  sorensonk@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-6246
Office: Harned Hall, Room 142

Ph.D. (Vanderbilt)
French Literature and History


Andrea Spofford
Email: spofforda@apsu.edu
Phone: 221-7869
Office: Harned Hall, Room 222

Ph.D. (The University of Southern Mississippi)
Creative Writing, Poetry



No photo available



Mickey Wadia
Email:  wadiam@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7448
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 227

Ph.D. (Southwestern Louisiana)
Shakespeare, Technical Writing





No photo available

Charla White-Major
Associate Professor
Email:  majorc@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7133
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 212

Ph.D. (Oklahoma State University)
19th Century American Lit. Composition


Mary E. Winters
Senior Instructor
Email:    wintersm@apsu.edu
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 241
Phone: (931) 221-6828

Master of Arts from Ohio State University


Timothy Winters
Email:  winterst@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7118
Office:  Memorial Health, 100A

Ph.D. (Ohio State)
Classical Languages and Literature


Amy Wright
Email: wrighta@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7714
Office:  Harned Hall, Rm 215

Ph.D. (Denver).
Creative Writing Non-Fiction



Part-Time Instructors 

Stuart Arkovitz, M.A., English (APSU)
Lori Burdette, M.A., English (Wester Illinois University) and Ed.D. (University of Phoenix)

Michael DeVault, MFA, Creative Wrigint (Lindenwood University)
Lilli Ecternacht-Taylor, M.A., English (APSU)
Joanna Grisham, M.A., English (APSU) and MFA, Creative Writing (Georgia College)
Teresa Holtsberry, M.A., English (APSU)
R. Dale McCarver, B.S., English (APSU) and MFA, Professional Screenwriting (National University)
Tina Romine, M.A., English (APSU)
Joyce Sakwe, M.A., English (APSU)
Jenna Scull, M.A., English (APSU)
Michael Vaughan, M.A., English (APSU)
Jonanthan Wike, Ph.D., English (University of North Carolina)

Emeritus Faculty

Thayer W. Beach, Ph.D.  Professor of English (1968-1991).
Eleanor Beiswenger, Ph.D.  Professor of English (1977-1994).
Albert Bekus, Ph.D.  Professor of English (1970-2004).
Kenneth Cervelli, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor of English (2007-2020). 
James Clemmer, M.A.
 Professor of English (1967-2004).
Carson Culley-Grefe, Ph.D. Professor of French (2003-2013).
Linda Davis, Ed.D., Professor of English (2003-2017).
Don W. Der, Ph.D.  Professor of English (1970-1991).
Jill Franks, Ph.D. Professor of English (1995-2020).
Malcolm S. Glass, M.A.
 Professor of English (1962-1999).
Nancy Hancock, D.A.  Professor of English (1988-2004).
Charles C. Holt, Ph.D.  Professor of English (1967-1991).
Edward Eugene Irwin, Professor of English (1962-1998).
Ramon Magrans, Ph.D.  Professor of Spanish (1982-2009).
Allene Phy-Olsen, Ph.D.  Professor of English (1990-2007).
Jeannie Randall, Ph.D. Professor of English (1982-2014).
Steven Ryan, Ph.D., Professor of English (1977-2018).
Lynn D. Sims, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Linguistics (2008-2019).
Lewis C. Tatham, Jr., Ph.D.  Professor of English (1966-1995).
David Till, Ph.D.  Professor of English (1971-2004).
John Turner, M.A. Assistant Professor of English (1967-2000).
Charles M. Waters, M.A. Professor of English (1948-1985).
Eloise Weatherspoon, Professor of English (2005-2014).