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Program-Wide Requirements

Program Options

English M.A. (non-thesis)


English M.A. (thesis)


List of Literature Electives


English MA with Creative Writing Concentration (thesis/non-thesis)

Creative Writing Courses

Creative Writing Faculty


Linguistics Concentration (may be thesis/non-thesis)

Linguistics Courses

LING 506A - History of English Language

LING 506B - Structure of Language

LING 506C - Language, Culture and Identity

LING 506D - Survey of Early Germanic Languages

LING 506E - Language Variation and Change

LING 506F - Discourse Analysis

LING 506G - Historical Linguistics

LING 506H - Theory in Second Language Acquisition

LING 506I - Selected Topics in Linguistics

LING 5050 - Advanced Grammar of English

ENGL 5990 – Thesis (6 credits) counts towards Linguistics Concentration only if it is an approved thesis in Linguistics overseen by a Linguistics faculty member.




English 508A and 508B: Criticism and Theory.  We encourage you to take one of these Criticism and Theory courses during your program of study.  These courses either survey important critical approaches to the study of language and literature (508A) or examine in much greater depth one critical approach to the study of language and literature (508B).  These courses are particularly important for students who intend to enroll in a doctoral program and aid students in passing the comprehensive examination, which requires one response to a theory question. 

Complete Graduate Manual (link to pdf)