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The Department of Leadership and Organizational Administration offers the Master of Science in Leadership (MSL) with a concentration in Strategic Leadership.

The Master of Science in Leadership (MSL) is an interdisciplinary graduate degree program in the social sciences. The 30-hour program is designed for students who wish to pursue graduate professional studies in an online learning environment. 

The MSL is a professionally-oriented program that responds to the dynamic needs of students working in or preparing for rapidly changing professional environments and expectations. In this program of interdisciplinary graduate studies, students make connections between various professional fields and traditional social science disciplines.

Professionals that might be served by the MSL program include, but are not limited to, individuals working in commerce, information technology, mass media, government, social services, health care, and education.

The program requires completion of 30 semester credit hours (10 courses).  

Core courses:

LDSP 5300 Survey of Best Practices in Leadership

LDSP 5050 Professional Environment: Issues and Ethics

LDSP 5330 Research Methods

LDSP 5160 Organizational Strategy for Leaders

LDSP 5350 Diversity in the Workplace

Elective courses (choose five):

LDSP 5060 Communication Skills for Organizational Administration

LDSP 5105 Project Planning and Scheduling

LDSP 5110 Organizational Innovation

LDSP 5120 Leadership Development Strategies for Organizations

LDSP 5130 Leadership Judgement and Decision Making

LDSP 5140 Influence and Persuasion

LDSP 5150 Power, Ethics, and Leadership

LDSP 5200 Organizational Culture, Politics, and Change

LDSP 5210 Globalization

LDSP 5310 Community Leadership

LDSP 5400 Grant Development

LDSP 5410 Grant Administration

LDSP 5420 Applied Project Management

LDSP 5560 Small Group Leadership

LDSP 5700 Conflict Management and Negotiation

Interested in applying to this program? View the criteria for admission to this program in APSU's Graduate Bulletin.  To apply for admission, click here.     

To learn more about this program, contact our Graduate Coordinator:

Dr. Kathryn Woods, Associate Professor for Leadership and Organizational Administration

woodsk@apsu.edu or 931-221-1419